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Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau holds event in Beijing to promote tourism resources to foreigners in China

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BEIJING, CHINA–(Newsfile Corp. – August 9, 2022) – On August 6, 2022, the “Dazzling Xiamen Summer” tourism promotion event was held in Beijing. Organized by the Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, the event invited his 150 participants from 46 countries and regions working, studying or living in Beijing.

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The theme of the event is “See Xiamen”, “Listen to Xiamen” and “Feel Xiamen”. During the event, through fascinating tourism photo galleries, spectacular promotional videos, amazing folk performances and innovative products, the Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau will present his four types of life in Xiamen, tea tasting life and coastal life. , introduced the cultural life. life and delicate life. Through the event, participants were able to immerse themselves in a unique “Xiamen Experience”, see the city of Xiamen from different dimensions, and fall in love with Xiamen.

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The event included a variety of activities including traditional Chinese tea tastings and an amazing palm puppet performance. An Argentinian, Russian and Romanian trio performed “The Wave of Gulangyu” and “The Summer of Xiamen”, transporting the audience to the fantastical dreams of Xiamen. The song “Xiamen on My Mind” was written by a Singaporean. The grand finale was composed and performed by a duo from the United States and South Africa, and all the participants sang and danced to the music, feeling the spirit of Xiamen in every note.This is Xiamen, the place where dreams come true.

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The four main features of this Xiamen tourism promotion event are:

More accurate and targeted international promotion

Promotional events for foreigners are usually held in your home country. Such promotional events are not only expensive, but reach a relatively small number of people. This promotion is aimed at tourists and expats in Beijing, who are also the bridge between their home countries and China.

This, coupled with the event’s domestic location in China, allowed for low-cost and highly effective promotional events. The event was attended by a large number of international participants, all of whom worked, studied or lived in Beijing. Attendees came from 46 countries including USA, Russia, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Pakistan, Romania, Albania, Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Ethiopia, Egypt and Syria. I’m here. , South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Botswana, Bolivia, Uganda, Costa Rica, Malawi, Cameroon, Angola, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, South Sudan, Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Algeria , Eritrea, Korea, Japan. Overseas participants and Chinese participants residing in other countries include those working in the fields of business, finance, sports, education and music, as well as students and influencers, making promotions more targeted. increase. It is also the largest tourism promotion event for expats in Beijing in 2022.

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Interactive marketing in style

Cultural fusion and experience are the highlights of Xiamen tourism that attracts international tourists. Fujian tea has a long history and is an iconic symbol of Fujian and Xiamen. During the event, attendees will experience the charm of Xiamen’s tea culture by watching an elaborate live tea performance, listening to and observing how Kung Fu makes his tea, and sampling teas served by a tea master. Did. In addition, Xiamen’s local puppet show and live performances of the songs “Gulangyu Waves” and “Xiamen Summer” further immersed the participants in Xiamen’s cultural environment. A unique Mid-Autumn Festival bobbing game followed, adding to the atmosphere, and all participants were fully focused on this fun Xiamen folklore activity. When a manor (first prize) was selected from each table, the venue reached its climax, and the atmosphere continued long after that.

Higher end top quality products

Aimed at the tourism market, which mainly consists of Beijing’s expatriates, the event will be open to all expats on weekends, especially considering the convenience of high-speed rail and air transportation services from Beijing to Xiamen. and encourages people to choose Xiamen as their holiday vacation destination. Lucky lottery during the event, including prizes such as 3 days and 2 nights free tour of Xiamen and Xiamen Fortune Tea Set, attracted the audience’s attention and encouraged active participation and interaction.

More effective innovation marketing

According to reports, Beijing has about 300,000 foreign residents, a trend that shows continued growth. In August of this year, the Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau launched promotion activities for foreign residents in Beijing, establishing a new platform for international promotion of Xiamen tourism, and targeting foreign residents in Beijing for accurate marketing was carried out.

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Xiamen is described as “a city within the sea, a sea within a city”. “Promoting international tourism localization” is an important channel for promoting international tourism, and an important representative of promoting Xiamen tourism’s unique “global localization”. This is one of the key future trends in the international promotion of cultural tourism.

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