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Where traditional Japan and otaku culture meet

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Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa are two sides of the same coin, and they exist in separate worlds while being strongly influenced by Japanese culture. Trapped in the past, Gojo lives and breathes time-honored traditions as he strives to become a master craftsman of hina dolls. ChiefMarin idolizes a completely different side of Japan.

This extroverted otaku girl is cosplay-obsessed, more present, and makes impulsive decisions sprinkled with adorable slang. Marin and Gojo couldn’t be more compatible my dress up darlingas one of the cutest anime couples of the Winter 2022 season.

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opposites attract

Gojo’s world was turned upside down when he was orphaned at a young age and went to live with his grandfather, Kaoru. ChiefHe found great solace in the beauty of the Hina dolls his grandfather had made, and immediately decided to dedicate his life to becoming a woman. Chief himself. Unfortunately, his peers were unable to see the artistry of his passion and were blinded by the lack of “masculinity” associated with dolls, subsequently shunning him from society.

Having spent most of his childhood away from children of his age, Gojo’s main companion was his grandfather, which shows. He adopts certain manners commonly used by older generations, from sandals to headbands), and also uses more formal language. It shows how estranged Gojo is from modern society.

Marin, on the other hand, is a trendy young girl who is into all things anime-related and only wants to personify her beloved characters through cosplay. modern Her technique is “frozen TV dinner” rather than “designer food,” so it might give the wrong impression, but nothing traditional is done in this kitchen. Her wardrobe, however, earns her a five-star rating on the chic scale. Marin is very positive with strong fashion. Gal Vibe, consistently go so far as to enhance her appearance with neoteric colored contacts (nothing old school seen here.)

Marin’s vocabulary choices are very colloquial and cute. wuv To Gojo. She knows all the relevant anime terminology and is happy to give anyone a basic quick lesson while flashing some (unnecessary but not appreciated) skins in the process Marin’s mentality can also be seen as relatively modern. Because she is openly positive about sex and this is a luxury not all women can experience. Archaic traditions don’t give girls much freedom to express their individuality, especially when it comes to what society considers appropriate clothing and sex acts.

Hina doll symbol

The concept of giving hina dolls has been ingrained in Japanese culture since before the Edo period (1603-1868) and is still highly regarded in modern society. In Japan, March 3rd is dedicated to these lovely creations in a celebration called Hinamatsuri, which is meant to honor the young girls in each household. Traditionally, they are also known as hina dolls. hina doll, An auspicious gift is given when a family welcomes a newborn girl into the family and subsequently brings good luck to the child. These perfect pieces usually come in sets of three to her five (or more) figurines, and it became very popular to dress up dolls as representatives of Heian court members. After that, on March 3rd every year, hina dolls displayed in a step-by-step setting similar to the one depicted in Kaoru’s shop in My dress-up darling.

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Hina dolls were originally made not as playthings, but as vessels for removing impurities.Those wishing to purify themselves were told to make a doll, caress it along the skin, then blow on it, and send a potentially contaminated parcel down the river. Due to the popularity of dolls in Hihina play (playing with dolls) creates a tradition observed to this day in Japan. Rather than adorning traditional court attire, some contemporary pieces opt for something more trendy and fashionable, accented with modern fabric prints and bold colors, hence Hina Ningyo. continues to adapt. The ever-evolving habits of hina dolls are unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon. My dress-up darling.

Otaku culture (Japan)

An otaku who has officially entered the world oxford dictionary, generally refers to an admiration for Japanese pop culture and is usually not limited to the anime or manga industry. are regularly associated.Marin clearly subverts this stereotype, which reflects the international reputation that otaku have made an impact on a global level. are helping to transform these peopleNard has become an accepted enthusiast and is now celebrated for his passion.

Cosplay is a big part of otaku, as many anime and manga lovers only want to reveal their favorite fictional character. It is prohibited to perform in public outside of events or specialized venues, such as Akihabara, the otaku hub of Tokyo. eliminates the possibility of causing a negative relationship with For example, the drunk and disorderly Shinju Inui cosplayer my dress up darling standard.

Marin is the perfect embodiment of a modern-day otaku girl, and her passion for Japanese pop culture is contagious. In addition to spending money, it seems that the only reason she works is to pay for her cosplay obsession. proudly boasting of her potentially controversial love for such highly sexual content. A fan is currently cosplaying as Marin herself (not just cosplaying as Marin, but completely breaking the 4th wall on another level).

Social impact of my dress-up darling

The real-life inspiration behind Wakana Gojo shares the anime’s success. That’s because Yoshiaki Suzuki’s hina dolls suddenly became ridiculously popular in his 2022. Traditional Japanese techniques, accompanied by bolder and more modern fabric choices, have made his products appealing to both older and younger generations (especially among anime lovers). The Suzuki doll shop, where he works as chief designer, has modernized Hina dolls, also known as the BELL’S KISS series, my dress up darling Aired.

The influence of anime officially came full circle when my dress up darling And Yoshiaki Suzuki’s work is indisputable, proving that otaku culture can have a significant and positive impact on people’s lives (like Marin). It’s refreshing to see it being rewarded, and it’s not just fictional characters and Shinichi Fukuda being celebrated. And buying an iconic hina doll from a source of inspiration is one of the best ways to honor this Japanese custom.

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