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What did Ezra Miller do?

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Young people get a lot of frustration for believing in strange things like mystical folk magic practices and zombie invasions, but some very powerful adults are in movies starring Ezra Miller. No one is innocent because they believed investing $200 million ($278 million) was a good idea.

Ezra Miller’s many (alleged) crimes

If you’re busy with work, cleaning, etc. and don’t want to know who Ezra Miller is, let me know. The DC Expanded Universe, and even being accused of a tons of crime. Here is a partial list of crimes related to Miller:

  • drug possession
  • disorderly behavior
  • Harassment of patrons at karaoke bars
  • Assault
  • felony robbery

and they are formal I will charge More dramatic accusations include sexual harassment, cult leadership, grooming, inappropriate behavior around children, and more. All are mostly relevant as Warner Bros. plans to release a feature film starring Miller as The Flash in 2023. flashis said to have a budget of around $200 million ($278 million), so a lot has come to pass for this Loose Cannon actor. stay tuned.

BREAKING: Teens Hate Facebook

Maybe it’s privacy issues, monetization of political disinformation, or Zuckerberg’s silly face, but teens don’t like Facebook at all. According to a Pew Research Center survey of his teens aged 13 to 17, Facebook is the third largest consumer of YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (which is certainly owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta). , and less popular than Snapchat. Only 32% of her teens surveyed said they use Facebook, down from 71% in 2015. Unlike Facebook, YouTube is very popular with kids, of whom 95% report using it. TikTok has him at 67% and he is close to second place.

Is it TikTok honey method mysteriously cursing people? (No.)

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by the mysticism of TikTok. This week’s WitchTok is about “The Honey Method”. It works like this: you get honey. Think of someone you love. Draw a cross on your tongue with honey. This will make the objects of your desires so obsessed with you that you will talk sweetly about them. Whether or not it has a certain style of magical realism that I can understand. I don’t know, but they say so) and you’ll get a warning about cultural appropriation. If you’re not Hispanic and you cast honey spells, bad things can happen.

Are there zombies in China? (No.)

On TikTok, the hashtag ZombiesInChina has been viewed nearly 7 million times. While many videos make fun of the idea, some of his TikTok users seem to justifiably believe there is a zombie uprising in China.

To remove all doubts, there are no zombie outbreaks in China.According to this video, there is only one zombie, so no need to worry. They killed it minutes after it was created. ” Was good. Yeah, it’s silly, but I’m forgiven for giving the idea a little bit of value because of how insane the actual events of the last five years or so have been.

Viral video of the week: “Regrets of High School Theater” Feet @Caleb Hyles

I can’t sing, dance, or act, but I was still in every musical in high school. Even now, as an adult, I still like that atmosphere. All my favorite people in the world were theater geeks in high school. This week’s viral video, “My Regrets From High School Theater,” shows that this subspecies teenager is still alive, still nerdy and sincere in that very specific theatrical geek way, and all gone It provides reassuring proof that it is still a school theater that is unwavering in the times… It’s reassuring. Also, telling personal and casual stories through handcrafted animation is a very internet genre, and illymation fits right in there.