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Web3 Attracts Investors Despite Bear Market, New Report Says

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Q2 2022 deal value slightly higher than Q1 2022

According to a report by Cointelegraph Research and Keychain Ventures, average deal sizes have declined over the past few months, but as venture capitalists have become more cautious, the biggest players see the bear market as an opportunity to buy where they can. seems to be using

Individual deal activity is up 19.9% ​​from Q1 2022. However, the pace has slowed since April 2022. Additionally, the average deal value he has dropped by 16.5%, suggesting that VCs are willing to fund projects, albeit with more modest capital amounts. .

Web3 dominated nearly every metric in Q2 2022. Early-stage investments in the seed round saw the most activity as usual, with total capital inflows of $2.18 billion. The Web3 sector also made slightly more individual deals than DeFi and CeFi in late-stage investment and expansion rounds.


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The top 10 most active VCs switched their focus to Web3 in Q2 2022 instead of DeFi and NFT in Q1 2022.

Seven of the top 10 most active investors were Web3. These seven investors’ allocation percentages ranged from 43% to 75% of total investment activity in Q2 2022.

Major Crypto Funds Announced in Q2

In 2021 and Q1 2022, the top 10 most active VCs accounted for 65% of all individual deals. However, while this number fell to just over 42% in Q2 2022, the total number of individual transactions increased to 621, 100 more than in Q1. 2022.

Web3 dominated VC capital interest with 43% of all individual deals in Q2 2022. DeFi accounted for 16% of capital inflows, taking the back seat in a dramatic shift from the last five quarters.

Animoca Brands has been involved in 5 acquisitions focused on GameFi, Marketing and Education. Of the 43 individual deals, Animoca Brands entered in Q2 2022, concentrating his 72% of capital on his Web3.

The $2 billion investment raised by Sony and Kirkbi-led Epic Games for its Metaverse expansion plans was the biggest deal of Q2 2022.


Read/download the full venture capital report below.


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