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'Voodoo Macbeth' Becomes First USC Original Film To Secure A Theatrical Release – Deadline

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Exclusive: USC Originals worked with Warner Bros. to record the first theatrical release after Lightyear Entertainment acquired the film. voodoo macbethThe company behind the Oscar-nominated Australian feature Tanna plans to release this photo in the US and Canada in October.

Based on a true story, voodoo macbeth It follows young Orson Welles (Jewel Wilson Bridges) and a group of dedicated artists as they set out to create what is now considered a milestone in African-American theater history. Macbeth.

Director Rose McLendon (Inger Tudor) brings co-director John Houseman (Daniel Kuhlman) a Shakespeare production as FDR’s New Deal is funding federal theater projects. I persuaded him to help me. Macbeth to the Harlem community at the Lafayette Theater — with an all-black cast.a long time ago citizen cane When space war, they chose the talented but untested 20-year-old Wells for their breakthrough work. Its reimagined Haitian vision of Scottish theater is as bold and fresh as the cast and crew themselves, trading the original witchcraft for Caribbean voodoo.

The work was highly controversial, provoking violent protests from Harlemite, who considered it exploitative, and politicians, who considered it subversive. Still, it debuted to sold-out audiences and was a huge success, performing at the Lafayette Theater for ten weeks before touring across America.

Supervised by USC professor and veteran producer John Watson (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, backdraft), voodoo macbeth 10 including Dagmawi Abebe, Victor Alonso Berber, Hannah Bang, Christopher Beaton, Aghaj Desta, Zoe Salnave, Roy Alwas, Tiffany K. Gillen, Ernesto Sandoval and Sabina Vajracha Boasting a director, made in an unusual way for narrative characterization. Desta, Erica Sutherlin, Morgan Millender, Jennifer Frazin, Molly Miller, Amri Rigby, Joel David Santner, Chris Taricone co-wrote the script; June Shriner, Jeremy Tardy, Ashli ​​Haynes , Reckless Watson, Gary McDonald, and Hunter Bodine rounded out the cast.

Produced by Jason Phillips, Miles Alva and Xiaoyuan Xiao, EP by Tracy ‘Twinkie’ Byrd and Jenna Cavelle. Performed at over 20 festivals, voodoo macbeth It received 14 wins and 3 additional nominations at the Harlem Film Festival, including Best Picture, Best Picture and Best Actress. Winner of Best in Festival and Audience Choice Awards at the Sedona Film Festival. Winner of Best Feature Film for Dances with Films.

“The process of making voodoo macbeth It’s unlike any other movie on the market today. We certainly challenge directorial theory and prove that feature films don’t need a single voice to create a cohesive vision. Our team represents a unique set of perspectives, and our shared approach is reflected in every stage of the filmmaking process.”

“This film beautifully showcases a pivotal moment in Orson Welles’ career. It’s the first project that made him famous,” added Ernie Holland, CEO of Lightyear Entertainment. “At the same time, I would like to thank the phenomenal Rose McClendon, a major player in the Harlem Renaissance, starting Negro theater units in 11 American cities and, as the film portrays, an indispensable mentor to black people. Shine a light on Wells at his first significant directing gig.

USC Originals represents a new approach to creating feature films and other creative commercial content under the auspices of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Projects under the USC Originals banner involve teams of recent alumni and senior students collaborating on parts of development and production, with multiple writers, directors, and producers working on the same film. voodoo macbethThe Group Creator approach maximizes opportunities for a diverse crew of both cross-line and under-the-line talent. The aforementioned Watson is not his EP, voodoo macbethhe has played the role in most of the USC originals.

In addition to TannaDutch Lightyear released Etruscan smile,starring InheritanceBrian Cox, with films such as maze, Jirga When gold stone.