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Tua Tagovailoa under a stronger microscope in Miami

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Henry McKenna
FOX Sports AFC East Lighter

Tua Tagovailoa Maybe a mild-mannered quarterback.of miami dolphins Star may not be the loudest guy in the room.

But just mentioning his name—which means classifying him as a star—is enough to stir up controversy.

Tagovailoa never overreacts. Still, everyone overreacts to Tagovailoa.

Who will have a better season, Tua Tagovailoa or Daniel Jones?

Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa and Giants’ Daniel Jones have new coaches and have high hopes for 2022.

Take a look at our off-season exhibits A and B.

In May, the Dolphins posted a video of Tagovailoa’s pitch to receiver Tyreek Hill. Hill joined the team in a blockbuster trade this offseason and quickly signed a $120 million deal. Apparently in the warm-up period, Tagovailoa threw Hill down with a long throw. Tua wore his bucket hat and short his pants. Not a big deal. Hmm. The guys were just in sync. At least that would have been the normal reaction. Instead, NFL fans shredded him on social media because the Dolphins’ quarterback has a reputation for having weak arms.

Then, at training camp, Tagovailoa went viral again. This time, he threw a perfect 60-yard bomb on Hill in an 11-for-11 drill. Tagovailoa refuted his detractors.

“I don’t think people think I can throw the ball that far,” Tagovailoa said with a laugh on Aug. 3 when asked on Twitter why he thinks the play got so much attention. “I think that’s the appeal: ‘Wow! He can throw the ball!’ It’s hard to be in the NFL if you can’t throw the ball, right?”

In line with Tagovailoa’s career, the quarterback had a series of episodes about the Dolphin tampering scandal when he tried to acquire legendary quarterback Tom Brady before and after Miami owner Stephen Ross drafted Tagovailoa. Immediately after dispelling external skepticism, Tagovailoa had to dispense with internal skepticism.

Tagovailoa said, “I think the team is with me and everyone who is now.

He has to keep saying it because few people believe it. The Dolphins say they are committed to him, as he is considering acquiring Brady and even reportedly tried to make a deal with Deshawn Watson despite sexual assault allegations. , he must keep saying it.

Tagovailoa has secured his spot on the team even in his rookie season, when the Dolphins pulled him in the fourth quarter hoping backup Ryan Fitzpatrick would act as a closer to win the game. It didn’t look like there was.

The truth is, at this point in his career, Tagovailoa isn’t elite. Perhaps he will grow into a top ten production. For now, he’s a middle-of-the-road option. He doesn’t always get the job done, but he can get the job done.

Could Tua be a franchise QB?

Could Tua be a franchise QB?

Colin Cowherd explains why he believes Tua Tagovailoa can do well on Mike McDaniels’ offense.

That’s why Mike McDaniel’s reaction to the now-iconic Deep Complete was fitting.

“What was my reaction? My reaction was that they did exactly what I told them to do,” the Dolphins coach said with a laugh. It’s not and it won’t be the last time they connect like that.The exciting part for me was that Tua did it at the right time, so I was hyped.He just threw It wasn’t a long ball. He read the defense and that’s what he felt and did it with confidence.

Tagovailoa is a scripted game manager. He doesn’t throw like Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes try. They have the unique talent of being two of the best throwers on the planet, allowing coaches to get away with telling players not to pass. Tua must follow the rules. he works in them. He deserves no criticism for it. However, his style of play has its limits.

Criticism of Tagovailoa’s deep game is based on statistics. But there too — I’m confused. His target depth average (7.4) ranks him 35th among quarterbacks with 150 or more attempts in 2021 in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. His yards per attempt (6.8) ranked him 21st best among passers with 150 or more attempts in the NFL. In short, he didn’t throw the ball downfield often.

He was one of the most efficient passers in the NFL when he hit the deep third. He completed his 48.3% of deep passes (20+ yards). This was his third best pass in the NFL behind Cardinals’ Kyler his Murray and Chargers’ Justin Herbert.

However, due to the small sample size, it is questionable whether Tagovailoa will be able to maximize the performance of Hill and Jaylen Waddle’s dominating Dolphins receiver group.

McDaniel was faced with questions as to whether he found it difficult to come up with a plan to avoid receiver speed.

McDaniel said at a recent press conference, “It’s kind of a challenge. A person with three yachts has to decide which yacht to choose. No, it’s not difficult. It’s very difficult. We are very lucky.” “I think they’re not fast players, they’re fast footballers. That’s the coolest part about them and why we don’t really have a problem.”

Tyreek Hill says Tua is the ‘most accurate’ QB in the NFL

Tyreek Hill is Tua

Tyreek Hill was quoted as saying that Tua’s “fundamentals are on point” and that he is “the most accurate QB in the NFL.” Jason McCourty and Colin Cowherd evaluate Hill’s comments.

With Hill, Waddle and Cedric Wilson at receivers, Tagovailoa has the arsenal to succeed. No question. With McDaniel making him one of the NFL’s most promising young coaches, the Dolphins quarterback should take a leap forward in his evolution as a quarterback.

But still, no one will agree on what Tagovailoa is – and no one analyzes him in nuances.

If he succeeds, he will become the product of McDaniel and Hill.

If Tagovailoa flops, he will bust.

And there’s something hilarious about the radiant and erratic energy surrounding quarterbacks whose games are built on stability and consistency.

Prior to joining FOX Sports as an AFC East reporter, Henry McKenna spent seven years covering the Patriots for USA TODAY Sports Media Group and Boston Globe Media. Follow @McKennAnalysis on Twitter.

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