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Tosa school district proposes new sex education curriculum

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After a presentation on a more comprehensive sex education curriculum, including information on sexual orientation and gender identity lessons, the August 8 Wauwatosa Board of Education meeting was decided by a heated debate.

An updated Human Growth and Development curriculum is proposed for the 2022-23 school year.

As public comment lines were filed in the back of the conference room, parents vehemently argued for and against the new curriculum.

“I stand here to vehemently protest the sexual content of your special. If I had just stood by and allowed it to happen without active protest, I would be ashamed.” You will feel humiliated,” said one parent.

Others said the new curriculum was not comprehensive enough, that it was “out of time” to update the curriculum, and that even the proposed version was “not comprehensive enough.”

What is included in the proposed curriculum?

For primary school, curriculum updates begin early in kindergarten, with additional coverage on defining gender, gender roles, identifying medically appropriate names for body parts, and learning about consent in everyday contexts. Includes lessons. In addition, a picture book that introduces more diverse backgrounds will be added.

By eighth grade, middle school students learn about different gender identities, sexual orientations, sexual activities, and how they all affect social relationships.