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TikTok Business and Creator Accounts: What's the Difference?

In case you haven’t heard it yet: TikTok is here to stay. Also, whether you are a business, a content creator, or an individual user, it is important to understand the difference between a TikTok business account and a creator account. Do you know what type of his TikTok account is best for your brand?

Both of these TikTok account types have different features and benefits, but which one is best for you? We’ll explain the pros and cons of each account type and explain how to choose which account type to use.

let’s start.

What is a TikTok Business Account?

A TikTok Business account is a public, professional account with access to the entire marketing suite of apps. This type of account is perfect for brands and businesses looking to create a high-profile and cohesive marketing strategy on their platform.

Pros of a TikTok Business Account

Access to TikTok’s Business Suite. One of the biggest benefits of having a business account is access to TikTok’s business suite. This includes access to:

  • TikTok analytics on your profile, videos, content and LIVE videos.
  • TikTok Ads and Promoted Videos help you get more people to find your videos, visit your website, and hopefully gain more followers.
  • A commercial music library of over 1 million commercially licensed songs and sounds. Brands can also create their own TikTok trends and sounds through the tools and resources available.
  • View trending videos and get tips on best practices for creating content and strategies in the Business Creative Hub.

Having access to all these features is a great way to monitor performance and ensure your brand is in front of the right audience.

Use of e-commerce storefronts. Another great benefit, especially for ecommerce brands, is the ability to create their own TikTok store. Social shopping is the next generation of e-commerce, and TikTok stores make it super easy for customers to make purchases by highlighting all your products on the app. Followers can view your products and checkout instantly on Shopify.

Ability to connect to Sprout Social. Simplify your work across platforms and apps by connecting all your accounts with a social media management tool like Sprout Social. You can connect your TikTok Business account to your Sprout account so you can easily plan your calendar, schedule content, and monitor performance alongside your other social media channels.

This makes managing your social media even easier as you can manage all your social accounts from a single Sprout dashboard.

Cons of TikTok Business Account

Business accounts have many perks, but every rose has thorns.

Limited library of sounds. With so many legal loopholes for brands to navigate, TikTok offers business accounts access to royalty-free commercial sound clips instead of an entire audio library.

While this can limit the sound bites your business can use, it also gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your video content. This is your silver lining! Plus, the brand can always create its own soundbite as it uniquely expresses his TikTok trend going on.

Limited duet or stitch options. This Sound Byte limitation also limits the TikTok videos brands can stitch or duet with. Videos with non-commercial audio cannot be stitched or duet by brand.

What is a TikTok Creator Account?

A TikTok creator account is also considered a personal account. Until now, TikTok had two types of professional accounts separate from personal accounts: business accounts and creator accounts.

Influencers can partner with brands, be verified, and grow a huge number of followers, even those that are considered personal accounts.

Pros of a TikTok Creator Account

Full access to audio library. This is probably the biggest perk of having a TikTok creator account. Get full access to popular songs, trending sound bites and other audio clips available in the app. Creators and influencers can take advantage of available sound clips or create their own.

Ability to stitch and duet. Additionally, creator accounts can synthesize or duet any video, allowing you to react to or add to the story of videos from other creators and brands.

Possibility to promote your videos. Creator accounts have access to the same ‘promote’ option as brand and business accounts, allowing you to extend the reach of some videos, especially sponsored videos.

Eligibility to participate in the TikTok Creator Fund. Creator accounts can access the TikTok Creator Fund as a way to monetize their accounts and get incentivized to create more amazing content.

Likewise, creator accounts have access to the TikTok Creator Next program. This allows TikTok users to receive financial tips from their top followers.

Cons of TikTok Creator Accounts

No access to analytics. Unfortunately, TikTok creator accounts don’t have access to some business tools like analytics and messaging. Personal accounts can send direct girlfriend messages to friends and people they follow (and follow back). This makes personal/creator accounts more difficult when attempting to communicate with followers and customers.

I can’t add the website to my profile. TikTok Business accounts can add a website link to their bio immediately, but creator accounts must reach 1,000 followers before adding a link.

Native-only account management. Unlike business accounts, creator accounts cannot be connected to social media management tools such as Sprout Social. Brands should use a business account even if they don’t have access to all Sound Bytes. This is especially true as brands can face lawsuits if they are real businesses and use unlicensed music.

Should I choose a TikTok Business Account or a Creator Account?

Before starting a new social media account on TikTok, you should answer a few questions, such as:

TikTok wants to be very simple about what type of TikTok account you need to create. Businesses choose business accounts, creators stick to creator or personal accounts.

However, sometimes it’s not that simple. Each has its own perks and there is no “one size fits all” account type. which one should i go to?

Consider all the pros and cons of each account type to see which one is really worth it. For example, as a business, it’s a pity that you don’t have access to a complete sound library. But is it worth the risk of lawsuits just because you want to sound trendy?

After weighing all the benefits and limitations, choose an account type and stick with it. TikTok allows you to switch back and forth, but we recommend sticking to your chosen account type for your time range on the platform.

Get started with your own TikTok account

Start with your TikTok account, whether it’s a business or creator account. Now you know which account type is the best option for you and your business.

For more information on how to get the most out of TikTok, check out our complete guide to TikTok for Business.