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Thermo Fisher Expands Cell Culture Media Manufacturing Facility in New York

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To meet the growing global demand for cell culture media used to manufacture new vaccines and biologics, Thermo Fisher Scientific has expanded its dry powder media manufacturing facility in Grand Island, New York. The expansion will provide the Grand Island site with excess capacity to support the global supply of media and the site’s ability to produce the high quality technology and materials needed for the development and commercial production of vaccines and biologic therapies. further extend the The Grand Island expansion is part of his $650 million multi-year investment in Thermo Fisher, announced last year, to provide flexible and scalable solutions for these critical medicines, including the COVID-19 vaccine. ensure that a reliable bioprocess production capacity exists.

The Grand Island expansion will add over 45,000 square feet of Animal Origin Free (AOF) manufacturing space. This includes manufacturing Thermo Fisher’s Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) format and other of his AOF Dry Powder Media (DPM) products. This additional capacity and reliability will be used by biopharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology developers and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) in the global production market for innovative biologics, biosimilars, cell therapies and medical devices. , help accelerate the development and production of life-saving and life-changing biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. viral vector. This strategic investment replicates existing manufacturing facilities, process capabilities and equipment to provide production redundancy and shorten product manufacturing lead times for our customers.

Kate Torchilin, President, Bio and Chemicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: “With the harmonized capabilities of our global manufacturing footprint, which allows us to demonstrate manufacturing equivalence, we are poised for future growth and continue to enhance our customer experience around the world while continuing to grow our current We can support the demand.”

For 60 years, Grand Island has been home to Gibco products that are essential to reliable, high-quality biomanufacturing around the world. Thermo Fisher’s Gibco cell culture media and supplements have already been or have been used in the development and manufacture of over 250 commercial biologics, including cell and gene therapies, mAbs and vaccines.

“The story of Thermo Fisher’s presence on the Grand Island speaks to its long-standing positive reputation in the western New York biomedical research community,” said Congressman Brian Higgins. “Originally founded by Roswell Park researchers, Gibco continues to provide critical products to laboratories in our country and around the world, and the value of their research has been underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employing more than 1,600 people, I am proud to celebrate Thermo Fisher’s continued investment and commitment to communities in western New York.”

The expansion of the Grand Island site will add an estimated 100 team members across roles spanning R&D, operations, manufacturing, human resources, engineering and maintenance. Thermo Fisher currently employs over 1,600 people at the Grand Island site and over 3,000 people throughout New York.