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Small Business of the Month: Artisan Culture Coffee

This month’s Hello Woodlands Small Business, presented by Miguel Lopez of Conganas LLC, focuses on local small businesses serving the Montgomery County community.

Read this month’s Small Business of the Month, Artisan Culture Coffee, and an interview with owner Heather Brockus below.


Please tell us about Artisan Culture Coffee. What is your business story? Why did you decide to start (restart) your business?

Preview of location at 2260 Buckthorne Place #179 at The Grogans Mill shopping center Opening September 22, 2022.

Artisan Culture Coffee first opened on September 22, 2020. There are no artificial flavors, food colors or processed foods on the menu. Immunity-boosting beverages and quality sweet and savory options are available.

Moving to Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center will naturally increase foot traffic and create synergistic relationships with nearby businesses. The weekly farmers market also draws large crowds. The 2260 Buckthorne Place #179 location is easily accessible using trails, making it safe for walking and biking.

To whom, where and what do you offer? What products and services do you offer?

ACC serves mushroom coffee. For example, the house special is a lion’s mane latte with oat milk and cinnamon. Lion’s mane stimulates nerve cells and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. We also offer fresh mushrooms from local growers. Offers vegan and gluten-free options. We sell and serve home-roasted coffee.


What makes Artisan Culture Coffee unique?

ACC hosts a composting program at ZeroWaste. Our goal is to compost all espresso grounds, minimize waste, including packaging, and provide a friendly way for locals to get involved. A coffee shop that aims to empower its guests by hosting wellness classes, guest speakers, and events for the community.

Heather Brockus Artisan Culture Coffee Woodlands Small Business of the Month
Heather Brocus, owner of Artisan Culture Coffee

What did you look for when building and adding teams?

If you partner with a company, they should be local and have similar goals to make the world a better place.

A word to readers who are thinking of starting a business.

Starting a business takes patience, but it is possible. Set goals, take action, and pursue your vision. Connect with local communities and chambers of commerce for support and networking opportunities.

How can the community support Artisan Culture Coffee?

Get your eGift card at or here.

Where can the community learn more? What else would you like to share? [Business]For example, what are the organizations participating in the community and what is their purpose?
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Artisan Culture Coffee will open on September 22, 2022 in its new location at 2260 Buckthorne Place #179 in The Grogans Mill shopping center.

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