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SAS Wins Three Risk Technology Awards

Analytics Leader’s best-in-class risk technology product earns jury accolades and three wins

Carey, North Carolina, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SAS again 2022 Risk Technology Awards, A prestigious annual award series that recognizes the best in enterprise, operational and credit risk technology. According to a panel of judges made up of risk net Among editors and users of risk technology, artificial intelligence and analytics leaders reign in three categories:

  1. Consumer credit modeling software of the year
  2. Regulatory Capital Calculator Product of the Year
  3. IFRS 9 Enterprise Solutions of the Year

The winning solution integrates seamlessly with a suite of other SAS solutions on the cloud-enabled SAS Risk Stratum. This integrated, highly collaborative risk platform provides a virtual headquarters for model development, data integration, and workflow planning and execution across risk and finance.

“As the world faces increasing economic uncertainty, financial services organizations are reassessing risk and recalibrating models and processes to navigate the volatility ahead. Troy Haynes, Senior Vice President, Head of Risk Research and Quantitative Solutions at SAS. “Awards and accolades are great, but what matters most is what this recognition means to our clients. It helps us identify and overcome the challenges ahead of us.”

SAS is the ‘clear leader’ in consumer credit modeling, review panel says

Modern banking requires up-to-date decision-making, aligned with the latest regulatory standards, and adaptable to changing conditions. Without state-of-the-art credit risk modeling, banks and fintechs cannot deliver the consistent customer experience today’s consumers demand. That seamless experience relies on processing increasingly large and diverse data sets through risk models and integrating advanced analytics into fair and ethical decision-making processes, which is a piece of cake. not.

SAS Risk Modeling What are the key differentiators in the consumer credit modeling space? Ease of use, automation and explainability. SAS’ integrated ecosystem puts automated credit decisions, detailed metrics, and turnkey compliance risk models at your fingertips. The result is transparent machine learning-driven decision making that can evolve through a wide range of implementations and applications. The jury called SAS’ model-as-a-service approach “innovative.” He also commended SAS for its “focus on easy and rapid model deployment and natural language explainability” for comprehensively supporting the credit lifecycle.

Regulatory Capital Calculation Solution “Shows That SAS Is Proving Its Strength”

Financial firms faced with potential market volatility should anticipate increased capital requirements that can lead to a surge in initial margin requirements. SAS’ new Basel IV structure enables clients to simulate their credit risk approach to prepare for regulatory change and weather the storm.

This expansion of the SAS Solution for Regulatory Capital enables financial institutions to prepare for full compliance in various jurisdictions, optimize credit risk mitigation strategies, and reduce capital requirements within legal and regulatory constraints.

The judges called the solution “scalable and adaptable” and emphasized its “excellent product range.” They also praised SAS’ holistic approach, stating, “This demonstrates SAS’ strength in commercial credit, occupying trading space through its securitization and large-scale exposure frameworks. ‘ said.

“SAS is a leader in its field and deserves its place,” added the jury. “There are many quality products and excellent support. The client is truly our number one priority.”

IFRS 9 technology that “integrates a fully integrated view of risk and finance that is not typically apparent in most products”

The SAS Solution for IFRS 9 enables banks to model expected credit losses, manage workflows, integrate and validate data for model development. The ability to segment execution processes from both detailed and 30,000 foot views allows financial institutions to be fully transparent and audit-ready.

Other features include a simplified coding environment for quick and efficient model implementation using a variety of coding languages, and a simulation environment that supports what-if analysis for enhanced risk visibility. included. Its reporting capabilities are flexible and democratized, allowing users to quickly create and automate reports across roles and departments.

The judging panel said, “We see a fully integrated risk and financial perspective here that is not commonly found in most products,” adding, “The development of the model and the governance of the model, as well as other products It’s good that the focus is on the ability to integrate with.” SAS product. ”

Only SAS offers comprehensive risk solutions that help financial services organizations, such as banks and insurance companies, balance short-term and long-term strategies, improve financial performance, and foster a risk-aware culture across the organization. AI and regtech technology, best practices.

For more information, Key to Robust Credit Risk Modeling and Decision Making to Improve Customer Experience white paper.

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