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Remote culture offers stability in technology

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Layoffs are taking place after the tech sector’s best year yet. Increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to scale rapidly. Now, as economic and political instability rock markets, many of those same companies are downsizing again to survive.

The direct impact of this is staggering. Over 55,000 tech his professionals are looking for jobs in a depressed market. Job security has become a major concern for those employed, and the global workforce continues to bear the brunt of financial cuts.

But for X-Team, a talent-on-demand development agency, a globalized, human-centric approach has stood the test of time, allowing the business to maintain momentum as it weathers challenging economic times.

X-Team has been rewriting the nomad developer lifestyle for over a decade. They have created a future where developers can enjoy a steady supply of work that usually accompanies a full-time job with bonus freedom, flexibility, and autonomy.

This business model allows developers to take control of their lives, confidently build families, travel the world, and do whatever they want without worrying about having enough work. This trust is made possible by X-Team working exclusively with long-term partners. Payments are guaranteed to her members of the community for the duration of the partner’s work.

“They are from the future,” said Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, acknowledging the power of their approach. Twitter was one of X-Team’s early partners and was looking for a front-end developer to bring his vision to life.

This flexibility results in impressive retention rates. 98% of him in X-Teamer continue working in the business after the initial engagement. Also, numerous community members have been active over his ten years. This is a particularly rare feat in the development field.

Founder Dave Rosen explains how the business continues to communicate success.

“We created X-Team with a vision of a new kind of workplace where barriers between us are removed and people feel empowered, regardless of location or background. Our drive to create something better has never waned, and our community of over 800 technical experts in over 50 countries work together to deliver superior results for our partners.”

The success of this novel approach to engagement is underpinned by our unparalleled approach to corporate culture, managed through a number of internal initiatives specifically designed to keep our community engaged and active.

  • Unleash+ Membership: X-Teamers will use a $2,500 annual fund for activities, learning opportunities and equipment to help keep you happy and healthy. In 2022, an additional $500 bonus has been added for mental health support.
  • Bounty: Micro-challenges used to inspire and energize the community through Slack. Upon completion, X-Teamers will have access to a dedicated store of company merchandise.
  • season: Annual experience with a variety of new events, apparel, live streams, charity drives and more.
  • Outpost: A semi-funded face-to-face meetup where X-Teamers come together to work, live together and explore anywhere in the world together.

CEO Ryan Chartrand said:

“Our internal initiative is to create an inclusive and vibrant space for the X-Teamers to thrive. We are proud to personally help people grow with interactive events that offer helpful budgets. When professionally. ”

With continued client success, a fresh approach to engagement, and a plethora of community initiatives, the X-Team community continues to grow despite the turmoil that currently rocks traditional team building and development houses. increase.

X-Teamers work with the most famous celebrities, tackle unique challenges every day, and are part of a strong culture that spans the globe. If you’re considering joining a new team where your work can make a difference, get in touch.


About the X-Team

The X team is made up of 1 to 100+ engineers from over 50 countries, with ownership, long-term thinking, passionate curiosity and unstoppable positive energy that drives them. filled with people who have

X-Team is owned by X-Company, which also owns other development affiliates such as SME-focused XFive and enterprise WordPress agency XWP.

To learn more about how X-Team unlocks technology teams around the world with supported and empowered digital talent, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us for the latest news.

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Breanna Kadin
X-Team, Head of Partnerships

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