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Penetration of China into the American Education System

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HaHina pursues every opportunity to replace the United States as the world’s superpower. One of the keys to China’s rapid rise is widespread tech appropriation. Since the early 2000s, American academic institutions have been successful targets for this sophisticated espionage campaign. Since 2018, many of these Chinese threats have become apparent.

“China has carried out a sophisticated and relentless espionage campaign against the United States, ranging from cyber espionage and theft of intellectual property from U.S. defense contractors to more sophisticated attempts to infiltrate U.S. university laboratories. has been engaged in for a long time,” reports Cypherbrief. “According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Beijing is quietly working to gain access to trade secrets of U.S. and multinational corporations through “academic espionage,” which uses academics and researchers as spies. The scale of this effort is enormous. Universities are one of the softest possible targets in terms of espionage. “

Open research and collaboration within universities is an easy target for China to gain access to critical technological frontiers. Universities often develop technology important to the US government and have the lowest security constraints. China has access to this technology through profitable contracts with international students and professors.of Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that China’s theft of secrets costs between $225 billion and $600 billion annually.

“The Chinese government, through its embassies and consulates in the United States, has suppressed the freedom of speech of visiting Chinese students, secretly financed political activities, influenced public perception of China, and is undertaking has sought to gain access to its research and protected intellectual property.” The Harrington Show at the Martin Center for Academic Renewal. Some students may be affiliated with a communist state, but many are coerced into providing information to the Chinese government. There is a nature.

Shaw continues: About 360,000 Chinese attend college in the United States each year. The Chinese also use third-party organizations such as the China Students and Scholars Association to pressure students to mask their ties to the communists.

Many professors are also targeted by the Chinese. “January 2020, Federal Bureau of Investigation Charles Lieber, chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, has been arrested “on one count of making substantially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements,” Cipher Brief wrote. ing. “He did not disclose a lucrative, intentionally opaque and secretive financial arrangement with China through a program called the ‘Thousand Talents Plan.’ Lieber is not alone: ​​In recent months, the United States has either failed to disclose work for the Chinese government, or has actually engaged in direct espionage, with academic We have arrested dozens of people in positions.” This treason being exposed at the university coincides with the infiltration of ideological communists into American academia. China takes advantage of this weakness.

Examples of technology that China has stolen through espionage include telecommunications technology, the theft of a robotic arm named “Tappy” from T-Mobile, self-driving car technology, semiconductors, electronic control of wind turbines, and corn. There are varieties of the seeds of The technology comes back to China in the form of documents, research files, or physical fragments to be reverse engineered.

This espionage is part of China’s rise as an enemy of the United States and the communist infiltration of the United States. In “Wake Up to the Threat of China” trumpet Executive Editor Stephen Flurry and Managing Editor Joel Hilliker wrote: Armstrong’s warning focused on the demoralizing efforts of communist Russia. Since then, many of these efforts have been carried out by China, Russia’s communist ally. China is stepping up its attacks on American industrial and economic power. Still, Mr. Armstrong’s warnings about the dangers of communism proved correct. He pinpointed exactly how communism works, and America falls victim to its success. This is the terrible affliction that is part of the curse we bring upon ourselves for rejecting and unbelieving God.

The article continues:

God repeatedly warned Israel not to abandon His laws and look to foreigners for prosperity, protection, and guidance. For example, Isaiah 2:6 says, “God has forsaken your people from the house of Jacob. supply from the east, and fortune-tellers like the Philistines, they are happy with the children of strangers. America committed the same sin. Instead of trusting God to bless and protect them, our people recognize and trade in communist dictatorships, inviting communist professors from China and other countries to keep them alive for generations to come. I have taught many young Americans and Englishmen. This has corrupted our youth, undermined our economy, and fatally undermined our nation. Critically vulnerable to foreign sabotage.

This is one of many threats facing the United States.These events play an important role in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and what we need to know about the future of China-US relations. Russia and China in prophecy When America under attack, To trumpet Editor-in-Chief Gerald Flurry.