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Nowhere to hide from the culture wars

My country, Iceland, may be small, but it quickly absorbs all the latest fashion trends, from clothing and gadgets to politics.

Awakening has also not passed through Iceland. In fact, Iceland, like other Nordic countries, has provided fertile ground for some of the most intrusive and authoritarian awakenings.

Nordic countries like to think of themselves as ‘better’ than others. We feel a responsibility to set an example on the world stage. That is why Nordic governments are fiercely competing to take the top spot in all international rankings promoted by NGOs and pressure groups. And we have enacted laws and policies expressly for this purpose.

As the Nordic countries try to outmaneuver each other, they are adopting ever more radical policies. The more radical the proposal, the less discussion there will be before adoption. Most politicians either know nothing about the content and consequences of the laws they are voting for, or are simply too scared to speak out. They fear that simply asking about a politically correct bill could be branded as prejudice or some kind of “phobia”.

So if the purpose of the bill is to strengthen the rights and protections of “marginalized” groups, few would dare question it. Politicians who support these laws enjoy flattering headlines. Those who turn their attention to harmful consequences are personally attacked.

We often hear from politicians that the public doesn’t care that much about culture wars. According to them, people are much more concerned with basic issues such as the economy and health care. And there is a grain of truth in this. The public generally puts up with the right legislators going about their daily lives. Even many of those who can’t stand their awakened agenda hope it will soon be gone if they ignore it.

Such optimism is misplaced. The awakening will continue to spread despite logical fallacies and harmful consequences. After all, these are already well known.

Besides, simply turning a blind eye to the culture wars is not an option. The culture wars influence and shape every other political issue today. That’s why politicians and voters need to start thinking more seriously.

This certainly applies to the UK. See, for example, how the culture wars affected healthcare. The scandal at the Tavistock Center, the NHS gender identity clinic for children and young people, is a good example. Tavistock was meant to help vulnerable children. But instead they are allowed to use taxpayer money to advance a passionate transgender agenda, harming the mental and physical health of many of the children they care for in the process. It is a cold consolation to have been ordered closed by the NHS. From the politics of racial identity to theories of gender identity, awakened obsessions are pervasive across the NHS and prevent it from functioning properly.

The same is true of law and order. The Home Office has released crime outcome statistics for England and Wales for 2021-2022. The rate of crimes that result in prosecution and/or subpoenas is currently only 5.6%. And it’s been declining for years. While the police fail to solve real crimes, they eagerly embrace many aspects of arousal. They kneel at BLM protests, defend environmentalists who disrupt traffic, and crack down on jokes on the internet to make sure no one is offended somewhere. In fact, last month, 51-year-old Darren Brady was arrested by police officers for simply sharing a meme that satirized the “Progress Pride” flag, including that he was transgender.

The Awakening is also affecting British foreign policy. In recent years, Britain’s own right-wing politicians and pundits have consistently described their country as institutionally racist, intolerant and generally hopeless. Affects status and influence. Countries with little concern for human rights are happy to tell Britain and other Western nations not to be preached by self-proclaimed racists and imperialists.

Education is also seriously undermined by the awakening. Teaching literacy and mathematics is often neglected and more and more time is spent on classroom concerns. Children should be taught to read, write and count. However, schools seem more concerned with questioning gender identity and encouraging recognition of white privilege.

Environmental issues have also been clouded by an awakened attitude. Virtue signaling and debating cessation – these key awakening traits – are now at the center of environmental activism. The end result is environmental policies that are costly, economically damaging, and usually provide no environmental benefits.

For example, in Iceland environmentalists want to reduce aluminum production (Iceland is Europe’s second largest producer of aluminum). They claim its production creates too much CO2. The consequences of such a policy would be disastrous. Iceland’s economy would be devastated. It also has no impact on the environment. Aluminum production will almost certainly be moved to China, where much more CO2 is generated.

This awakened environmentalist stance makes no sense. Almost 100% of Iceland’s electricity is produced sustainably using hydroelectric and geothermal power sources. This leaves little room for rapid reductions in emissions. Nevertheless, the Icelandic government set him the goal of reaching net zero by 2040, then changed the target to 2035. simply to outperform other countries. This net-zero goal was enacted into law with no idea how or what it would cost to reach it. The same is true of many other Western countries that have embraced arbitrary and virtuous net-zero targets. While the Chinese laugh all the way to the coal mines, they appear intent on dismantling the economy.

The economy itself, plagued by uncontrollable inflation, is now a battleground in the culture wars. As it stands, the awakened dogma of detachment from reality will do great damage to our economy. It makes for a bad investment as the funds are diverted to companies with the right awakened credentials. Regulations are also imposed on corporations in order to achieve their awakened goals. While welcomed by large multinationals, this will stifle growth and hurt small businesses. Trying to maintain a healthy economy is very complicated. When prosperity ceases to be the primary goal, it is virtually impossible.

Far more damaging than all of this is the way the culture wars are eroding the fundamentals of meritocracy. A cohesive society, where people believe the rules are fair and apply equally to everyone, provides an ideal foundation for economic growth. Effort should be rewarded. And it should be possible for people to improve their lives, work their way up, and buy a home. But when groups vie with each other on the basis of identity, when some promote themselves at the expense of others on the basis of loyalty to awakened dogmas, when hard work and effort are looked down upon, this is only economic. No social cohesion.

There seem to be an infinite number of ways that awakening now influences and influences vast areas of social and political life. Think immigration, human rights, sports, or even agriculture (just ask the Dutch).

If we want to make progress on big issues, from the economy to health to education, we have to fight and win the culture war.

If anything, the term culture wars doesn’t capture the gravity of what we’re facing now. It’s an awakening onslaught, a cultural riot. And it affects and damages every aspect of political and social life today. It even threatens democracy itself.

For years, politicians have outsourced decision-making to experts, “independent” commissions, NGOs, and many others. In some ways, this is nothing new. However, it has been getting worse and worse in recent years. And it has allowed awakened activist groups to greatly increase their influence.

In Iceland, for example, ministries routinely seek legislative guidance from pressure groups. In some cases, we even allow these groups to create entire invoices. In recent years, activists have been hired to work directly with ministries. And those who wake up sit on both sides of the table.

And then there is the bureaucracy itself. Many civil servants working in Western government agencies share the same metropolitan outlook. This also keeps politicians in line. Therefore, if Ministers wish to implement measures that are inconsistent with the values ​​of the awakened people, Ministers should be carefully informed of the legal and practical problems that the measures may encounter, as well as being aware of them. increase. Selected “stakeholders” should be heard.

write in Times Former Equality Minister Kemi Badenok recently gave a scathing explanation of how this works in the UK. I tried to return it. to see if that’s what you’re allowed to say.”

So voters and politicians need to take waking riots seriously. It shapes every issue that affects our lives. And above all, it limits our ability to exercise democratic control over how our country is governed.

The Awakened One has too much power over the future direction of society. That’s why we have to take the culture wars seriously. It’s time to fight back.

David Gunlaugsson Former Prime Minister of Iceland.