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New York Film Festival sets lineup for 60th edition.entertainment

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NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Film Festival celebrates its 60th anniversary with 32 robust feature films and dozens of hometown stories, including James Gray’s Queens coming-of-age drama Armageddon Time and Laura Poitras’ documentary . “All Beauty and Blood” depicts the battle between artist Nan Goldin and the Sackler family.

The Lincoln Center Films, which hosts the annual festival, announced this year’s line-up on Tuesday. The gala screenings are especially centered around New York, starting with the previously announced opening night film by longtime New Yorker and New York Film Festival regular Noah Baumbach. He will also debut Don DeLillo’s film White Noise shortly after the opening of the Venice Film Festival.

A highlight of the festival is “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed,” in which the filmmakers of “Citizenfour” chronicle Goldin’s fight to stop the opioid crisis and the pharmaceutical companies that benefited from it.

Elegance Bratton, who chronicled her experiences in the documentary Pier Kids about homeless queer and transgender youth in New York City, will conclude the festival with the semi-autobiographical fiction film The Inspection, starring Jeremy Pope. As a gay during Marine Corps basic training.

Gray’s ‘Armageddon Time’ will be screened as part of the festival’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, is drawn from Gray’s own childhood in 1980s Queens.

Other entries include Todd Field’s anticipated “TÁR,” starring Cate Blanchett as a world-renowned composer. Paul Schrader’s “Master Gardner” starring Joel Edgerton as a gardener. “Eternal Daughter” by Tilda Swinton and Joanna Hogg. A monologue drama based on the letters of Leon Tolstoy and his wife, Countess Sophia Bears, “The Couple” by master documentarian Frederick Wiseman.

This year’s standout artists from Cannes will perform at the festival, including Charlotte Wells’ feature debut, Aftersun. “Decision to Leave” by Park Chan-wook. “One Fine Morning” by Mia Hansen Love. “Showing Up” by Kelly Reichhardt. ‘RMN’ by Christian Munju, Palme d’Or winner ‘Triangle of Sorrow’ by Ruben Ostrund.

Also among the New York selection is Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s latest film, No Bears. In July, Panahi, one of Iran’s leading filmmakers, was sent to prison for six years in connection with charges of making anti-government propaganda in 2011. His imprisonment has been widely condemned both internationally and in the film world.

The New York Film Festival runs from September 30th through October. 16. In addition to its premiere at Lincoln Center, the festival will feature screenings throughout his five boroughs in New York at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Staten Island. Brooklyn Academy of Music; Bronx Museum of Art; Queens Museum of Moving Images. Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem.

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