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New Morris County Small Business App Released in Morris County, New Jersey

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Published August 12, 2022

Author receives $15,000 for more than 600 Morris County Grant Program approvals

New, Free Morris County Small Business App was officially launched Received simultaneously by Zoomus Marketing today in Parsippany Township. $15,000 grant under the Morris County Small Business Grant Program.

“After doing a lot of research, today we are releasing a new app called MORRIS NOW available on Google Play and Apple Store.” Zoomus owner Frank Cahill. “Morris Now It connects Morris County’s local businesses with more than 500,000 residents. Residents can download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store. absolutely free,” he added.

The announcement was made at a press conference held at the Parsippany Regional Chamber of Commerce offices off Halsey Road. Among those in attendance were members of the Morris County Board of Commissioners, Parsippany Mayor Jamie Barberio, City Council Speaker Michael De Piero, Vice President Loretta Gragnani, and Alderman Justin Musella.

Morris Now Small Business Event August 12, 2022 2.jpg Mayor of Barberio Kudos to Cahill for creating Morris Now AppCahill notes that as publisher of Parsippany Focus and Morris Focus, Board Member of the Parsippany Regional Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Parsippany Economic Development Advisory Board, he has been dedicated to improving business in Parsippany. .

“I’m really happy to have known Frank because when he says he’s serious about Parsippany’s economic development, he’s really passionate and this is a perfect example of that. Commitment to Parsippany. Thank you,” said the mayor.

Morris County Deputy Sheriff John Crickus and County Sheriffs Thomas Mastrangelo and Stephen Shaw simultaneously said that Zoomus and Cahill Eligible for $15,000 in Morris County Small Business Grant Programaims to help small businesses still affected by the pandemic to meet specific costs incurred after March 3, 2022.

“I’m a small business person, so I’ve seen first-hand the problems small businesses face. Commissioner Thomas Mastrangelo“One thing about thisMorris Now Small Business EventAugust 12, 2022.jpg I’ve talked to several small businesses in my town that have gotten grants. It gave them hope and a sense of going out and competing a bit. Part of what these grants did was put a little more fuel in their engines.

Deputy Director Crickus said the program has already approved more than 600 applications for grants submitted by small businesses and nonprofits.

“Since its launch in Dover in February, more than 600 Morris County small businesses have taken advantage of the program to help them recover and expand,” said Krickus.

“This has been a tremendous asset to our business,” added Shaw, encouraging more companies to apply quickly. “We have reduced the overall $10 million pool to approximately $1.3 million and will close applications on September 30.”

Morris Now Small Business Event August 12, 2022 4jpg.jpg Parsippany District Chamber of Commerce President Robert J. Peruso, Parsippany Economic Development Co-Chair Dr. Bagiras Maheta, and Business Resources Director Ed Ramirez, Morris County Economic Development Corporation, also spoke at the event to discuss the small grant program and Cahill’s I admired the vision. For the development of the MORRIS NOW app.

The MORRIS NOW app brings together shopping, area events, local news, weather, neighborhood chat and local advertising all in one place. Local businesses may use it to promote deals and specials.

“Push messages directly to your customers. Powerful Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. Beacons push promotions for your business to passing customer devices using the app. Promotions and links are also allowed in the app. The app also includes detailed promotional analytics.The app also automatically sends ‘happy birthday messages’ to the company’s customers,” says Cahill.

Learn more about MORRIS NOW

Apply for Morris County Small Business Grants Today!

Morris County Small Grant Program It was the brainchild of the Morris County Commission because it developed a unique use for the funds issued to the county through the American Relief Plan Act. Federal guidelines allow Morris County to apply the dollar only to pandemic-related costs that occur after March 2021.

There is no cost to apply.

Federal guidelines covering grant programs determine exactly which costs are covered and which applications are approved. Grants are capped at $15,000 per applicant. However, we encourage business owners and non-profit organizations to submit an application that includes all costs that they believe may qualify for the grant.


Top right: Cahill at the podium explaining how the MORRIS NOW app works. He (lr) had Commissioners Krikas, Mastrangelo and Shaw.

Above left: Cahill and the Commissioner joined the announcement (on the left) by Parsippany Alderman Musella and Mayor Barberio, and far right by Parsippany City Council President Michael Depiero and Vice President Loretta Gragnani.

Center right: Joining Cahill in cutting the celebratory cake at the event was local small business owner and former MP Betty Lou de Claus.

Bottom left: The Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce and other business people attended the event.