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New Dean of Business School Begins Journey at NMSU, Highlights Vision

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Las Cruz – The Fall 2022 semester is just coming to an end. New he is seeing new beginnings in leadership at the University of Mexico, especially in the Faculty of Business.

After a national survey, NMSU selected Brian Aschenbaum as the next Dean of the School of Business in May, officially beginning the role on July 5.

“My time has been wonderful as my new colleagues have warmly welcomed me and my family to Las Cruces and NMSU. I did basic “reconnaissance work”. We know where everything is, who is doing what, and how it all fits together. I’m taking the leadership team out for his one-on-one lunch. I buy, but they have to choose a restaurant I haven’t been to yet!”

Brian Aschenbaum, Dean of the School of Business speaking with students at the Business Complex on August 3, 2022.

“Dean Ashenbaum has landed and is ready for launch. He has a unique idea and he is not shy about sharing it. He has already earned the trust of his peers as he begins to tackle challenges such as promotion, tenure cases, and connections with the surrounding business community.”