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ATLANTA, GA, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ChildCare Education Institute® (CCEI), an online parenting training provider dedicated to the early childhood care and education workforce, is proud to introduce . CUR134: Introduction to Learning Stories To the online childcare training course catalog

A Learning Story is a record of what a parent observes about a child or group of children. Learning stories can use any combination of text, images, or videos. They are usually focused on a specific moment, but may also involve the accumulation of the child’s experiences over time. It can also focus on group experiences and moments when children work together on learning experiences.

Learning Stories highlight children’s thinking skills, approaches to learning, and temperaments. Temperaments are described as traits or attitudes toward learning that children exhibit. A retelling of an event becomes a learning story when the teacher adds perspective or feedback on the child’s learning and development. It may include more theoretical perspectives such as

Learning Stories help teachers connect with aspects of early education that bring joy and fulfillment. With Learning Stories, teachers love teaching. First person format makes the document personal. The narrative format gives educators the opportunity to share their feelings about a child’s unique developmental steps. Teachers focus on documenting children’s success stories rather than spending time identifying what children can’t do. This focus on success creates a positive mindset for both children and teachers. By reviewing learning stories with children, teachers can build an emotional connection with them.

This course introduces participants to Learning Stories, a powerful assessment tool in early childhood education. Fully embraced by educators, directors, and families, Learning Stories is a revolutionary approach to assessment. They develop connections with teachers, families, children and the wider community. Attendees will discover the key components of Learning Stories and how to develop each component.

CCEI President and CEO Maria C. Taylor said: “It gives educators an opportunity to share ideas, plan future learning, and reflect on practice.”

CUR134: Introduction to Learning Stories is a 2-hour intermediate-level course with 0.2 IACET CEU upon completion. His current CCEI users with an active, unlimited annual subscription can enroll in professional development courses at no additional cost by logging into their CCEI accounts. Non-subscription users can purchase child care training courses as block hours through CCEI’s online registration.

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  • New Course on Introduction to Learning Stories from ChildCare Education Institute

  • New Course on Introduction to Learning Stories from ChildCare Education Institute