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New Canaan nonprofit uses Otocast app to promote culture to tourists

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NEW CANAAN — Many town groups have signed up to use the app to attract tourists and promote the culture of their town.

Thanks to Otocast, an app used by several organizations in town, visitors to sites such as the New Canaan Land Trust Sculpture Trail can hear artists talk about the inspiration behind their works of art. I can.

Available for free on the Apple and Google Play stores, many of the town’s nonprofits are using the platform to bring people to New Canaan so they can come into town to see the scenery and patronize local merchants. I hope you will like it.

When people use Otocast, GPS kicks in and selects tour listings for that area. Each tour has a pinned map showing local attractions linked to various media such as video, audio, photos and text about the location.

Nancy Geary, executive director of the Museum and Historical Society, said: She believes the app can drive traffic to town and hopes more organizations will sign up.

One tour called “New Canaan Arts and Culture” has pins from the Grace Farms Foundation, the Historical Society and the Glass House. By tapping the pin, Historical Society users can watch a video tour of the Little Red School House and Gore’s Pavilion sponsored by the organization.

“But I think the effectiveness of this tool also lies in the number of adjacent businesses and cultural institutions that sign up,” said Greg Sages, executive director of Glass House. If you just want a museum”, there are other tools available.”

Land Trust board member Beth Sanford believed that Otocast probably helped Land Trust attract more than 10,000 visitors to its facilities in 2020. This sculpture trail was created two years ago by the Land Trust in partnership with the Carriage Barn Arts Center to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. anniversary.

“Outdoor exhibits have been very popular during COVID,” Sanford said. We counted the number of people who hiked the trail and experienced art in nature.

This year, Otocast offers artist narrations for ten sculptures. Visitors can hear the artists talk about their work and read about the artists and their backgrounds.

The organization also puts the mission statement into a guided audio tour. For example, the Glass House Tour features audio from Sage explaining the mission to preserve the 49-acre National Trust Historic Site, which contains a collection of 20th-century American art, architecture, and design. ”

Several towns in the area have made Otocast appearances, including Westport, Greenwich and Ridgefield. Each has one comprehensive tour that includes several locations and organizations in town. Norwalk has 5 tours and New Canaan has 3 tours. In addition to arts and culture tours, there are tours for Waveney Park and tours specifically for the Land Trust Sculpture Trail.