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New approach could help businesses retain consumers for sports brands


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During the global pandemic, more and more people are turning to golf as an outdoor activity for social distancing.

Growing a loyal customer base with new consumers joining the party relies heavily on brand managers who understand the brand experience. His Mi Ryoung Chung, assistant professor in the Department of Counseling, Recreation, and School Psychology at FIU, and his Jon Welty Peachey, University of Illinois at Urbana, at his Champaign school, are evaluating the brand experience and golf customer satisfaction of his club products. led a study investigating the relationship between

“We’ve seen a lot of brand experience, but not so much in sports,” said Jeong, a former Korean golfer, and it’s the first brand study of its kind on sports products. points out. “People who play sports are affected differently.”

Researchers collected responses from 386 golf players through an online survey. The results show that experience with one brand can influence golfers’ distrust of other brands. But that doesn’t add to the satisfaction or loyalty to the brand they experienced. Previous research has suggested that brand experience influences satisfaction and loyalty, but when it comes to golf products, golfers seem to be bucking that trend, researchers say.

The findings are important to sports marketing practitioners as they explore alternative marketing approaches for brand differentiation that may attract and retain more customers. For golf products, brand experience may not improve satisfaction, but it can mitigate or eliminate uncertainty.

“The less uncertainty we have about a brand, the more likely we are to buy it,” says Chung.

According to Chung, more research is needed on sports products. Future research should be conducted to understand the consequences of brand experience in the context of sports.

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Mi Ryoung Chung et al., Impact of Brand Experience on Satisfaction, Uncertainty, and Brand Loyalty: Focusing on the Golf Club Industry, Sports, Business and Management: International Journal (2021). DOI: 10.1108/SBM-11-2020-0115

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