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NBA offseason record: Lakers and Warriors underperform in the West

It’s been a weird NBA offseason. As we enter the second week of August, there are still big names and restricted free agents that could change the scope of the league. Unknown. So even though there are still a few moves left on the table, we’ll be handing out some offseason stats. I just graded the Eastern Conference. Head west today.

Dallas Mavericks: C-

Losing Jalen Branson really hurts. Christian Wood has given the team another interesting element of his in the frontcourt, but he’s been completely unknown in his series in the playoffs. Also, his fit with other big players on this team (Javert McGee, Maxi Clever) is a bit unclear. Are there really any plans for McGee and Wood to start together? Luka Doncic is so good that we might actually be able to fit a square piece into a circular hole here. After advancing to the conference finals with a perfect score, it was a slightly unsatisfying offseason.