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Matthew Stafford downplays elbow injury, throws at Rams practice

Matthew Stafford He showed it didn’t hinder him in practice after downplaying the importance of his elbow injury los angeles rams.

Stafford participated extensively in the Rams’ latest workout at UC Irvine on Saturday, throwing deep throws and building chemistry with his teammates.

Stafford later said the condition of his right elbow was simply “frustrating” and did not threaten his ability to lead a Super Bowl champion title defense.

“It hurts a little bit,” Stafford said. “We’re working on it. I felt pretty good today. I thought it looked pretty good. We’re just trying to be smart about it and get as many reps as possible and we’re going into week one. I’m trying to make you feel as good as you can. “

Stafford suffered elbow pain while leading the Rams to a championship in his first season with the team and received an unspecified injection into his elbow during the offseason. There was no, but during the training camp, I participate in practice in a limited schedule.

Still, coach Sean McVay frowned Thursday, calling Stafford’s injury “abnormal” for a quarterback and likening it to injuries common in baseball pitchers. Stafford again declined to give details about Saturday’s injury, but he said it’s not something he can’t handle.

“We’re going through some frustrating things right now, but we’re getting through it,” Stafford said. I felt like I could throw it any way I wanted… just come here today and make sure you can unleash it, unleash it, and go from there.”

McVay pointed out that Stafford was making all the throws during the Rams’ workout on Saturday. It won’t be until the season opener in Los Angeles on September 8 against Buffalo at SoFi Stadium.

“From how he looks today, you wouldn’t know anything was going on,” McVay said.

Stafford, 34, passed for 49,995 yards in his 14th season this fall, ranking 12th in NFL history and fourth among active quarterbacks. He agreed to an extension to his contract through 2026 during the offseason, and there is no public doubt that he can sling it for the duration of his commitment to the Rams, and possibly beyond.

“If you put the kind of stress on your arm that I’ve had over the years, it’s not going to look like[a normal person’s]elbow,” Stafford said. It’s not like it’s going to be, it’s just a balancing act at this point.”

Reported by Associated Press.

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