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Marcel Mansour "Culture is the soul of art"

Marcel Mansour Digital Painting, Exploring the Joys of Conscience, Size 80cm x 60cm

Exploring the Joy of Conscience by Marcel Mansour

Marcel Mansour Like Lotus and Bamboo Resilient Lucid Dreamer Digital Painting 50cm x 70cm

Lotus and Bamboo Resilient Lucid Dreamer by Marcel Mansour

Marcel Mansour Staying Sanity During Quarantine Isolation Digital Painting Size 50cm x 70cm

Stay sane during quarantine isolation by Marcelle Mansour

Marcel Mansour’s art is a mirror that reflects her soul and everything related to herself, her thoughts, passions, emotions, identity and values.

Acknowledge the inner significance of my art for the purpose of contemplating human perception, conscience, conscious and unconscious to find hope for the progress of mankind and the reshaping of reality. ”

— Marcel Mansour

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Aug. 11, 2022 / — “With my intuitive and interdisciplinary approach to art, my work is grounded in a process of exploratory discovery and can be either traditional or digital. Culture is the soul of art, just as art is the soul of culture.My art is my soul and everything about myself, my thoughts, passions, feelings, It is a mirror that reflects our identities, our values. aspiring woman.

I show versatility in my work, which incorporates different styles of traditional, digital, and light mediums that balance traditional insights with contemporary formulations. He developed a passion for portraiture and figurative art, drawing notable portraits from real life. I emphasize themes of human experience in a phenomenological way that reflects the universal challenges facing humanity in the world.

I understand the inner significance of my art in contemplating human perception, conscience, consciousness and unconsciousness, with the aim of finding hope for the progress of humanity and the reshaping of reality. Through my art, I explore the world of knowledge, wisdom, optimism, and its beautiful creation, depiction, and depiction. To make us think, to hope, to feel, to surprise, to smile fearlessly, to imagine, to dream, to endure, to heal, to reveal and explore the truth. invisible. ”

Marcelle Mansour has been featured in the latest issue of ArtTour International Magazine
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Viviana Puelo-Grimandi
Art Tour International Magazine

Viviana Puelo Grimandi
Art Tour International Magazine
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