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'Kobe' tops list of American sports-inspired baby names

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(KTLA) — Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant may have died untimely, but his memory lives on among thousands of young people who bear his name and carry on his legacy. keep alive.

The NBA Hall of Famer tops the list of sports-inspired baby names for 2020-21, according to research by sports betting site BetSperts.

An analysis of the top sports-related baby names found that 17,071 newborns were named Kobe during that period. The name he has increased by 201%, which was probably fueled by her January 2020 death of Bryant.

On January 26, 2020, Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and six others were killed when the helicopter they were traveling in crashed into a hill near Calabasas. All eight people, including the pilot, died in the collision.

Their deaths led to a surge of community support and tributes, including music, street art, murals, tattoos, and now baby names.

Kobe’s popularity as a name increased tremendously after his death, according to the website, but it was not the largest single-year increase ever recorded. belongs to Tiger Woods, whose popularity rose 209%, but it is unknown how many “Tigers” were born that year.

Tiger is back in the top 10 this year, with 810 Rugrats earning the name in 2020.

Other sports-inspired names that cracked the list include Serena (like Williams), Marshawn (Lynch), and Floyd (Mayweather).

Here’s the full list of the top 10 sports-inspired baby names, according to BetSperts.

rank athlete sports name 2000-2021 total
1 kobe ​​bryant basketball Kobe 17,071
2 David Beckham Football Beckham 12,211
3 Serena Williams tennis Serena 10,620
Four Sidney Crosby hockey crosby 4397
Five carly lloyd Football Karli 4102
6 floyd mayweather boxing floyd 2144
7 venus williams tennis Venus 1876
8 Marshawn Lynch NFL Marshawn 1719
9 lebron james basketball lebron 1112
Ten tiger woods golf tiger 810

These statistics reflect 2020-21 data only. Other stars have had a major impact on name interest since their careers began: their own baby name Among the athletes who inspired his craze is James Harden (whose name is “Harden”) It seems) and LeBron (James).

But no athlete’s career has sparked as much interest in baby names as Sidney Crosby’s. Since “Sid the Kid” joined the National Hockey League in 2005, analysts have observed that the number of babies named Crosby has increased by more than 2000% of his. And unless Bing or David fans are making a recent comeback, credit for that surge probably goes to Sidney.

However, that list does not include a variation named Jalen. A former NBA swingman, now a TV analyst, Jalen Rose is widely credited with being one of, if not the first people in America to be named Jalen. It is believed. According to ESPN, more than 30 of his professional athletes in America will have variations of that name in 2021, and that number may have increased since then.

As it stands, Kobe is a sports-inspired name. So 10 to 15 years from now, “Kobe!

There’s no better way to honor a gaming legend.

For more information on the methodology used in the rankings, visit BetSperts and check out the following 15 sports-inspired baby names on our list.