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Is the Patriots offensive plan hurting Mac Jones' growth?

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Henry McKenna
FOX Sports AFC East Lighter

Foxborough, Massachusetts — patriot quarterback Mac Jones In particular, the three coaches who form the team’s offensive brain trust are in particular.

New England did not name a new OC for the 2022 season after longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to become Raiders head coach. We rotated offensive play callers from Patricia to Joe Judge.

The team plans to divide the coordinator duties between the three, with offensive line coach Patricia leading most of the time. He called the play on his 11-on-11 drill, and the quarterback coach Judge relayed the play on his 7-on-7 drill. Belichick provides hands-on coaching by getting down to his drills offensively, assisting his calls on plays, and jumping into situations.

Coordination by committee.

Mac Jones is reportedly struggling ‘much more’ than he did last summer

Mac Jones is reportedly having a hard time

Sophomore QB Mac Jones is struggling with the new offense, according to a report from the Patriots camp. Nick Wright explains why Patriots fans should be ‘greatly concerned’.

Patriots linebacker coach Jerod Mayo, who played for Patricia when he was promoted from linebacker coach to defensive coordinator in New England, asked questions about seeing his former coach transition to offense. did.

“Awkward,” Mayo said on Aug. 1. “I’m not used to seeing it yet.”

The Patriots’ offense, which looks quite different from last season’s version, has a lot of awkwardness. McDaniels took his three offensive coaching his assistants to Las Vegas and Belichick forced a brain drain across the ball. Rather than being promoted from within and maintaining the same system, Belichick has rebuilt the offensive playbook, and will put Jones’ fate at the forefront of defense guru Patricia and special teams guru Judge. I left it to

The Patriots took this coordinator-by-coordinator approach in the very pivotal second year of Jones’ career.

As head coach of the New York Giants, Judge oversaw the development of quarterback Daniel Jones, but his career took a turn for the worse. As head coach of the Detroit Lions, Patricia failed to get the most out of Matthew Stafford. So when you examine the credentials of these coaches who have no track record of maximizing quarterback talent, Belichick’s bizarre arrangement becomes bizarre.

Jason McCourty, a former Patriots cornerback and now Good Morning Football analyst, said, “I’m going to be in the boardroom and the staff room and see all the ideas and how they go. “Being in that building watching Bill stand in front of the team and be able to coach the offense, defense, and special teams for an hour and a half, you know he’s going to pull this off.” I don’t know if I can doubt my abilities.

“I don’t want to be like Mac Jones, I say yes. I certainly say yes. I think it’s going to be one of those things that will have growing pains at first until everyone gets used to it.” New system. and get used to the new voice

Patriots no longer appoint offense and defense coordinators

Patriots no longer appoint offense and defense coordinators

Jason McCourty joins Colin Cowherd to discuss NFL updates, including Bill Belichick’s refusal to formally name replacement for Josh McDaniels.

What if Cardinals manager Cliff Kingsbury and Vikings manager Kevin O’Connell returned to the Los Angeles Rams after a few years to help defend Sean McVay? That’s frowned upon, right?

Even by Belichick’s standards, this is a bit strange. And, of course, he has an unconventional history — a trend that has long been celebrated for the Patriots’ success. I was asked please.

“He’s been involved with it for the past four years, so no,” Belichick said.

Last season, Patricia served as the Patriots’ Senior Football Advisor and the previous three seasons as the Lions’ coach. Apparently, Patricia was dabbling in attack in that span. As for Judge, he’s a former quarterback and has long been drawn to offense despite his experience coaching on special teams.

Belichick doesn’t care that you or I don’t see a natural fit. He intends to continue tinkering and experimenting. He obviously likes exploring weirdness.

And that’s why there’s another weird layer to the New England setup.

The Patriots have combined McVay’s offense with Kyle Shanahan’s offense and incorporated those concepts into their New England offense. that’s right. Famous for the execution system the NFL has copied over the years, Belichick is now copying other coaches’ schemes. Players say Belichick is simplifying the offense with new terminology, but seeing the unit in training camp, the coach does more than adjust the wording.

“Of course, Belichick did a great job of explaining exactly what we do offensively,” Jones said after the first day of training camp. We’ve seen so many different defenses together, so it seems to combine knowledge of how to attack defenses, and that’s what really stood out for me.”

If this offense clicks, it will be something special. But if that fails… well, I’ll explain in a moment.

Belichick employs a number of formations (with tight splits and jet motion) that reflect McVay’s unique concept. Belichick adopted the outside zone his run method that Shanahan uses with the San Francisco 49ers. Building that offense around Jones, a quick-thinking pocket passer who can rely on a run game to attack defenses, makes a lot of sense.

Why does Belichick have Patricia and Judge oversee its facility?

In the training camp so far, the pain of growth was immeasurable. The New England offense lost most of the days to the defense. That might be fine if the defense this season looked like he turned into one of the best in the NFL, but in the playoffs Buffalo he gave up 47 points against the Bills (punt ) was last seen. That game may not have been representative of the Patriots’ defensive talent, but it’s the latest bullet point on their resume.

If the Patriots’ offense is unable to move the ball against their own defense, there is reason for concern. It’s too early to panic. But urgency and anxiety? that’s fair.

“There may be better days, but we’re just getting started and we have to get started,” Jones said last week.

Mac Jones on Patriots offense: ‘We have room to grow’

Mack Jones on the Patriots offense:

Jeff Howe joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the Patriots OC situation, Mac Jones and Bill Belichick.

The Patriots haven’t played a preseason game yet, but thanks to years of continuity with Belichick, McDaniels, and Tom Brady, they’re generally farther ahead in general now. This season, New England chose to reset their offense and build something new. Only time will tell if the Patriots made the right decision and implemented the new system on the right timeline.

There is no room for error. The Patriots start the season with the Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Green Bay Packers. All of these teams (possibly including the Steelers) can test the Patriots. But considering New England has one of the toughest schedules for him and he’s six games too hard to finish the season, the Patriots need to start strong.

You can’t pull Trent Dilfer and say the Patriots aren’t good anymore. But with coaching shifts and schedule adjustments, it’s important to recognize these growing pains.

This is an opportunity for Belichick to show that nothing is too strange for him. This is another year Belichick has to accomplish something special. But if they don’t, the Patriots could miss his fifth playoff appearance in 23 years.

If so, his now-eccentric coaching structure would seem increasingly arrogant.

Prior to joining FOX Sports as an AFC East reporter, Henry McKenna spent seven years covering the Patriots for USA TODAY Sports Media Group and Boston Globe Media. Follow @McKennAnalysis on Twitter.

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