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IExcel Education Increases Access to New Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conversations - VCU News

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IExcel Education is part of the VCU Institutional Equity, Effectiveness, and Success Office, expanding its operations. Many prominent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders across VCU’s enterprise helped conceptualize IExcel Education. His IExcel Education, a program founded in 2019, brings innovative educational courses to his VCU community. Today, the program offers inclusive leadership certificates, interactive seminars, lamarogue sessions, and mentoring opportunities aimed at creating a more equitable and inclusive environment at VCU and beyond.

“IExcel Education is a visionary program built by a diverse group of DEI leaders,” said Archana A., Special Assistant to Programs and Initiatives at the Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success. Dr. Pathak said. “Having done this work for decades at the institution, he would like to salute the longtime leader of the DEI. Now we finally have the structural infrastructure to support the program. I did.”

This summer, IExcel Education introduced a new calendar and registration process that allows attendees to sign up directly for sessions that interest them. Sessions are offered in both face-to-face and virtual formats.

This fall seminar will address topics such as ageism, neurodiversity, gender, religious diversity, and navigating difficult conversations in the workplace. Open to all her VCU faculty, staff, and employees, the seminar helps participants foster a more inclusive environment in the classroom and at work. Learning outcomes range from acquisition of knowledge to systematic application.

IExcel Education will continue to offer the VCU Inclusive Leadership Certificate. The certificate, open to university leaders, hosts one cohort per semester.It is the first program of its kind in the region that combines the experience of both asynchronous and synchronous cohorts. Designed by academic experts and rooted in cutting-edge research, it serves as the gold standard for this kind of work. Upon completion of the program, leaders receive a certificate and a digital badge recognizing them as leaders who can promote diversity and inclusion in a variety of settings.

Rammaloges is a fluid dialogue series that provides a braver and safer space for faculty, staff, employees and students to discuss topics related to social identity. The series reflects his VCU commitment to creating spaces and providing skills that enhance the living experience of all her VCU community members. The goal of these conversations is for participants to experience a sense of peer connection, to be seen and heard as their most authentic selves, and to tackle difficult topics with confidence. Rammaloges also provide a braver and safer place for conversation when current social issues arise. For example, this fall, Rammalogues special topics include “Living in a Post-Roe World” and “Life with a Mass Shooting.”

“Students I work with often say that VCU claims diversity but doesn’t want to do anything about it. is.”

Full program details and registration forms are available at iexcel.vcu.ed.youIf you have any questions or comments about IExcel Education, please contact