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How YouTuber Randy Lau Preserves Chinese Culture Through Cooking

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Randy Lau is the creator of the YouTube channel made with lau, a family cooking blog that showcases his father’s traditional Chinese recipes. For Lau, the channel’s success means that the next generation will continue to celebrate Chinese culture.

A San Francisco-born father of two, Lau made with lau To preserve his Cantonese traditions for his children. His father, the main chef in each recipe his video, has 50 years of professional experience in Chinese cuisine and owned a restaurant when he immigrated to the United States.

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Growing up as a first-generation Chinese-American, Lau often felt caught between two different worlds. But what helped him get over that feeling was appreciating his family’s cooking. When recalling his childhood, Lau fondly recalls being “spoiled” by his father’s delicious meals, including ginger fried egg fried rice, congee, and sticky rice dumplings. For Lau, food was his father’s way of sharing his love for him despite the language barrier.

“His love language was food, so I never doubted he loved me,” Lau told In The Know.

of made with lau The channel concept came to Lau in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a tumultuous time for Lau’s family. At the time, Lau’s parents’ restaurant was closed, and the family was forced to live on unemployment and savings. Lau’s wife was six months pregnant with their son.

The unprecedented setbacks Lau faced ultimately led him to a period of introspection. The uncertainty that the pandemic has brought to the family has motivated Lau’s parents to start his YouTube project as a way to help them bounce back and reconnect with Cantonese culture.

“It was a really uncertain time,” Lau explained. “But I think that uncertainty has given me space to evaluate what I want to do with my life. For example, reconnect with my father, learn more about my culture, what kind of legacy I want to leave Helping my parents is like laying down their legacy.”

After Lau got her parents involved in the YouTube project, they got to work. The Laus posted his first recipe video in September 2020, detailing how to make Cantonese-style mapo tofu. with time, made with lauhas grown and viewers now affectionately refer to Lau’s father as “Daddy Lau”.

the positive reaction made with lau Confirmed Lau’s Chinese-American identity. As viewers admire Daddy Lau’s classic Chinese recipes and signature dishes, Lau has created something that he can share with his children and show that their culture is worthy of admiration. proud of

“I thought a lot about what I wanted to say to my children,” Lau said. “I’m working made with lau It really helped me to understand deeply what it means to be Chinese, Chinese American. “

Each video collaboration brings Lau closer to his parents.of made with lau The project will allow the Lau family to bond through business strategies and cultural traditions. This is no longer just a cooking channel. It is now a documentary on the Routh family. The Lau family became a team, made with lau It’s their “great adventure”.

“Neither I nor my parents are getting younger, so it’s really special to be able to spend this time with them,” Lau said. “It’s really special to give them the opportunity to be recognized for how great they are and how much effort they’ve put into raising us.”

The post YouTube creator Randy Lau first appeared on In The Know about his mission to preserve Chinese culture through cuisine.

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