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Homeland Security Technology Consortium Names Nominees for $25,000 Prize

Austin, Texas, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Homeland Security Technology Consortium (HSTech), Advanced Technology International (ATI), and TechConnect today announced 17 finalists for the Security Innovation Challenge.These candidates are $25,000 with the prize of September 29, 2022 When pitching cutting-edge identity management technology in front of the chambers of corporate buyers, funders, and federal agencies washington dc and Defense TechConnect Innovation SummitFinalists also receive membership in HSTech, which supports the Department of Homeland Security in providing collaborative research and development and rapid prototyping capabilities critical to Homeland Security missions.

“If you have the ability and interest to make security- and privacy-centric contributions to the betterment of the nation, there is no stronger funding avenue than any other trading house managed by HSTech’s consortium,” he said. Matthew Rawdon, Vice President – TechConnect Division, ATI. “The Security Innovation Challenge brings together finalists who are 85% non-traditional, which means they are not familiar with government contracts. It’s a technology solution that we may not have found: needs of the private sector and government.”

Challenge applicants represent privacy-centric solutions for both private and federal applications, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Cybersecurity Platforms; Data Harmonization Software; Pattern Recognition Software; Real-Time Analytics Platforms. Mostly more advanced technologies, with 65% representing technology readiness level 6 or higher. 85% boast at least prototype development.

Finalists are:

AInnovation Lab

Canfield Consulting Group, LLC

Allvision I-O Co., Ltd.



Cybermonic, LLC

BG Networks Co., Ltd.

Deloitte & Touche

DigiByte Alliance

PHELPS2020 Inc.

Geoconvergence, LLC

Secure Eden Co., Ltd.

graba technologies

See True Co., Ltd.

Innovative Emergency Management Co., Ltd.

Sensipass Inc.

IoT AI Co., Ltd.

“The Homeland Security Technology Consortium supports our nation’s security by addressing the needs of our missions at the Department of Homeland Security and our partner agencies. It’s still an important feature in , and we’re excited to see what this group of innovators can show us in September.” Michael DoughertyExecutive Director of HSTech.

For more information on this challenge, please visit: participate in HSTech, please visit:

About the Homeland Security Technology Consortium

The Homeland Security Technology Consortium (HSTech) supports the joint R&D and rapid prototyping/pilot needs of the US Department of Homeland Security and its components. HSTech sources capabilities across the spectrum of homeland security and border security technology.

About Tech Connect

With over 25 years of experience connecting emerging technologies with unique funding and partnership opportunities, TechConnect boasts the most robust research and innovation network in the world. We deliver top technology with a wide range of tools including open innovation programs, conferences and open access publications. Each year, TechConnect prospects, reviews and connects thousands of new technologies with corporate, investment, municipal and defense clients. TechConnect is a division of Advanced Technology International.

About Advanced Technology International

ATI is a public service non-profit organization based in Somerville, South Carolina, builds and manages collaborations that research and develop new technologies to solve America’s most pressing challenges. Backed by a community of industry, academia, and government professionals, ATI accelerates impact by harnessing the power of collaboration to help the federal government acquire new technologies faster. ATI is a subsidiary of Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER), a public service research organization organized as a not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to informing the decisions that shape the nation’s future.

Source ATI (Advanced Technology International)