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Escape to New Entertainment

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Imagine you’ve barricaded yourself inside an abandoned house, narrowly escaping an attack from a horde of zombies.

When you wake up, you find yourself handcuffed to the wall. You turn left as you hear maniacal singing coming from the dusty TV in the corner. A ghastly voice kindly informs her that she has an hour to escape her confinement before the room fills with toxic gas.

real life video games

Before you hit the “X” on your controller, you know this is the real world, not a video game. When reality sets in, you desperately call on your allies for help. You just entered the escape room. Can you outsmart the homicidal maniac before the 60 minutes are up?

you just have to wait and see. But the clock is ticking.

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. From two he can band together a group of ten players to outwit a thrilling story.

From bloodthirsty zombie hordes to infamous murder mysteries, your Huda unit will be rich and your adrenaline will be even richer as you step into the 500-square-foot room. These fun collaborative activities make great birthday party activities and even a way to turn his 2D game into a fully immersive 3D experience for him.

What to expect

If you’re a ‘jumping’ type of person, you might want to learn as much as you can before taking the plunge. A group of individuals, usually no more than 10 people, choose a story of their choice before being trapped in a space. Themed rooms range from family entertainment to edgy crime and horror.

From here, your group is presented with a series of versatile puzzles, brain-twisting riddles and secret clues that they must solve in time. This kind of activity often ensures team collaboration and good time management when competing to complete a game.

Of course, the whole process is safe, and if you feel like your heart rate is picking up, you can rest assured that you’re literally not in danger.

What are the challenges?

Escape rooms don’t require IQ tests, but being smart helps. Your escape room success rate has a lot to do with your experience, group chemistry, open-mindedness, and overall wisdom about you.

If your group has completed an escape room before, they likely have a better understanding of the process and are naturally more confident. please!

Most escape room companies rank specific experiences from beginner to advanced. If you’re unsure about escape room abilities, start with a simpler story.

Unity Escape Rooms

Encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and observation, Unity Escape Rooms challenge and engage entire groups.

With 7 fun and different tales, your group will keep their attention again and again.

This Southern California attraction is known for its five-star reviews and baffling good times. Unity Escape Rooms has stores in both Redlands and Rancho He Cucamonga.

Reserve a slot to take your next corporate event, birthday party or game night to the next level. Please contact us at (877) 338-6489.