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Early childhood education offers

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Getting children to school from an early age may be beneficial when they move up to elementary school. I admit that it makes it easier for me to adapt to.

Early childhood education experts Karen Leeds (Kindergarten Director, Fairmount Early Childhood Center, Beachwood) and Erika Wilkoff (Early Childhood Education Director, Gannon Gill Preschool, The Temple Tifereth Israel, Beachwood), are the early childhood education program gave insight into the perks of children attending

“Students with pre-kindergarten experience have classroom experience,” Reese said.

Socially, this gives them the experience of managing in groups, sitting with peers and paying attention to teachers, getting along with other students, and learning to manage social situations. she explained.

Academically, Reese continued, children who attend kindergarten will enter kindergarten because they have been previously exposed to a variety of learning activities.

“Kindergarten helps build a foundation for classroom learning,” she said. “The experiences and opportunities of working in groups, getting along with peers, and learning new things in a safe environment all help shape a child’s learning future by laying the foundation.”

Leeds pointed out that the best way to teach preschoolers is through hands-on learning.

“Children learn by doing,” she said. “Experiences and activities that allow children to learn with their hands are most beneficial to preschoolers.”

Some people might believe that the hands-on method is that preschool is all about play, but that’s not the case, she pointed out.

“The preschool classroom is more than playtime because children are learning through the experience of play,” Reese explained. “Early childhood teachers incorporate learning into play because they know that play is the best way for children to learn.”

Wilkoff said children enrolled in early childhood education centers are equipped with the tools to ensure future success.

“Some of these skills that we are working on in early learning centers are communication, resilience, problem-solving, as well as reading, writing and math skills,” said Wilkov.

Skills acquired in preschool are lifelong lessons that children can learn in their future learning experiences, she said, enabling them to work in groups, work independently, and solve problems. He added that he would learn

Wilkoff also said children respond best to material learned through playtime.

“We believe that children learn through play and hands-on activities,” she said.

Wilkoff explained that the lessons children learn in their early childhood educational experiences, such as social, emotional, and academic skills, are things they can take with them as they grow up. is useful even in adulthood. Each of these tools contributes to a “box” of skills that they have at their disposal as they progress through life.

“Early childhood education is about giving young children the many opportunities they need to be educated and mature,” Wilkoff said. “Children benefit from the lessons learned while in early childhood centers.”