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Democratic Civics Education Bill Plans to Federalize Woke Curriculum

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T.As I roamed Pennsylvania during the U.S. Senate primary, I spoke with countless parents who, like my husband and I, were outraged by the state of public education in this country. Instead, our children are being taught the latest developments in ‘awakened’ research. It’s just a department.

A new coalition of parents, students, educators, and political leaders like myself is fighting this trend and demanding a return to integrity and accountability in our public education system. We’ve made a lot of progress, but one of the biggest threats to the custody movement today is the so-called “Civil Security Democracy Act” or CSDA. Turn students into left-wing activists.

The bill’s strategy is almost identical to the Obama administration’s Common Core initiative. By allowing the federal government to control her more than $6 billion in federal funds in the form of grants, CSDA empowers the federal government and complies with curriculum mandates before state and local school districts. You can hang it. States, which have constitutional sole discretion in the public education system, will be pressured to adopt a vision of federal mandate. In short, CSDA is a way of nationalizing public education without the federal government having direct involvement in the development of the national curriculum.

This bill, in the hands of the Biden administration, would be a disaster. As the administration has proven time and time again, we will take every opportunity to use federal power to advance the far-left agenda. At this very moment, the Biden Department of Agriculture is threatening to withhold funding for school meals for poor children if schools do not comply with the administration’s transgender policies. ordered to inject “fairness” into everything they do. The order undoubtedly extends to the distribution of federal education subsidies. And last year, Biden’s secretary of education, Miguel Cardona, introduced new rules governing the distribution of grants for history and civic education. of the New York Times The widely discredited “1619 Project” and major CRT proponent Ibram X. Kendi are good examples of “culturally sensitive education.”

Unfortunately, some Republicans are led to believe that the CSDA is a genuine effort to help students learn more about U.S. history and the Republic. Senator John Cornyn (Republican-Texas) , Bill Cassidy (Republican-Los Angeles), and Jim Inhofe (Republican-Oklahoma) all signed as co-sponsors of the bill, and some House Republicans have supported previous iterations of the bill. good.

These Republicans should remember that handing over control of our purse strings to the federal government means handing over control over our children to the federal government. , has repeatedly pointed to provisions in the bill declaring that it “prohibits the imposition of a national curriculum” and “leaves to state and local school districts the decisions about what to teach and how to teach,” Those disclaimers were of little relief given that similar provisions adorned the Common Core.This was another federal education initiative that was arguably used to seize power from states and local governments. Furthermore, while the amount of grants a school or organization receives under the CSDA may be determined by certain formulas, which Whether a school or group receives that money first is still entirely at the discretion of the Biden Department of Education.

If this bill is passed, it will be nothing short of a disaster for school children, including black kids like myself, who will be subject to toxic and dangerous rhetoric about our country and where it is. Unlike the white progressives in , I actually have a keen interest in making this country welcoming to my black family and me in all areas of life. Teaching my students to dwell on racial and gender differences will not create the future I want for my children.

In raising our children, my husband and I made sure they knew all of our country’s history, from the evils of slavery and racism to the victories of the civil rights movement. They understand the legacy we carry on as Black Americans and, like my husband and I, are very proud of the stories of hope and progress that characterize our nation. A hope not shared because too many children in our country today have been taught to see our country through the distorted lens of a CRT.

As parents, and as Americans, we have a chance to slow the progress of this evil and harmful worldview by stopping this bill. Concerned citizens should call their senators and representatives and tell them to oppose the Civil Security Democracy Act. At the state level, legislators must act quickly to prevent state education bureaucrats and local governments from accepting federal funds without legislative approval. In the Senate, every Republican should urge Senators Cornyn, Cassidy, and Inhove to withdraw their support for the CSDA and ensure they are killed.

Every student deserves an education that builds confidence and pride in their country, an education that empowers them to live the American Dream. The Civil Security Democracy Act does no such thing.

Kathy Barnette is the National Spokeswoman for 1776 Action, Pennsylvania’s 2022 Republican Senate Candidate, Veteran,
Nothing to Lose, All to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America.