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manga artist jock left a huge impact on Batman Years of comics, and his first outing as a writer-artist for DC Comics Batman: One Dark Knight It showed both his scope as a creator and the potential of the Caped Crusader as a force of nature in humans.Published in oversized prestige format by DC’s Black Label imprint, one of the dark knights As an emotional energy-powered villain called EMP plunges Gotham City into darkness, Batman is reduced to his most basic element. As Batman pursues EMP, he traverses different parts of the city to reach Blackgate Prison, giving fans an unprecedented boot-to-ground look at the most famous city in comic book history. Without gadgets, Batman will have to resort to street smarts to get to the heart of what EMP actually wants as a villain.

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At San Diego Comic-Con, we sat down with Jock to discuss how it all came together. one of the dark knightshis process as an oversized book writer-artist, and his future writing plans extend beyond these three issue series.

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Screen Rant: What are the key elements that define Gotham the way it’s been interpreted so many times in comics? one of the dark knights?

Jock: I want this story in particular to have a very urban, street-level feel. Growing up, I was obsessed with graffiti and stuff.In New York in the late 70s and early 80s, I loved subway cars with graffiti on them. It’s a city that isn’t the best way to run, and Batman is in this story in a very hostile environment in a way. Gotham, it’s a Batman character like Batman himself. There should be but, one of the dark knightsit was really fun to basically make Gotham as real as possible.

One of the most striking aspects of storytelling and one of the dark knights For me, it was just a look at the rarely available map of Gotham. What was the process of creating that map like?

Jock: People seem to love maps! It was two things. I haven’t written much, so the writing aspect of it was a challenge. And I was trying to find a way to make the storytelling as clear as possible to convey to the reader what was going on as clearly as possible. seemed like a good way. What was going on in Gotham and how far still had to go. I wanted to put it in Moving around Gotham, there are a lot of different districts, places, but basically he’s walking around Gotham with his EMP on his shoulder. That was the reason for the map.

With oversized pages, it really pops.

Jock: Thanks, great format.

I would have liked to know more about the oversized format, as it was a very unique part of Black Label as a whole.And then I realized that Cliff Chan has his own too catwoman [Lonely City] Talk. So it seems like a whole new canvas for artists who also write.

Jock: It did for me. And I talked to Cliff quite a bit while we were doing it, I met Cliff at his first San Diego Comic-Con. The editor was the same, he was working for Vertigo at the time. So I’ve known him for a long time. And it was kind of interesting that we ended up doing these projects at the same time. But yeah, I think they look really handsome in real life on a larger format. And having a bigger page, I like to move my pen around and be very expressive when I need to, and it gave me more space with more space. When I first got my boards from, I felt like I was rubbing my hands together when I saw how big they were. And that’s great. In fact, even if I go back to normal formatting, I think I’m going to draw the page bigger. Because it just gave me more room to do it and it got me closer to what I had in mind.

Certainly, especially on facing pages that turn off. Enormous.

Jock: Thank you. The printed book itself is obviously large. And it feels a little like an album. I have a lot of square bound albums. And I tried to use it to my advantage.

absolutely. To switch gears to EMP, you mentioned you called him “EMP” in the writing process.

Jock: Yeah. It’s like a holding name.

Where did he come from and what can you say about your whole process behind it?

Jock: When I was thinking about how the story would go, he was the first thing that came to mind. When I imagined Batman chasing me, [EMP] He became an unknown villain who seemed to start glowing and became more aggressive when Batman tried to catch him, eventually blowing him up. I got out. But again, he really is my favourite. And he was my favorite author. is normal to something like, “Oh, he’s a villain. You know, he’s BAD with an inverted comma.” Yeah, but he’s not, he’s kind of tragically bad . It was a very interesting element to write.

And along the lines, his powers are kind of at odds with that villain aspect. because he becomes more powerful from the light. It’s kind of the other way around. Even darker.

Jock: This is a great metaphor. yes. In my opinion, he clearly has the same powers as he does when he was younger, and as Brody, his little boy in the story. Much easier to control, perhaps using them as weapons, disrupting energies in the brain, or influencing political leaders to the benefit of various gang bosses.

Has your view of Batman changed from both drawing and writing?

Jock: Very early on, I was lucky enough to have a good writer friend, and I spoke with Scott Snyder, who famously wrote Batman, and he said, Great instincts. But trust your instincts, but figure out who your Batman will be.Whether he arcs or not, while the story is about other things You have to choose whether he’s like a force of nature that just came out in the story and goes back. He can be many different things. I chose. [One Dark Knight]He’s a bit of a moral compass for the last issue. Brody wants him to be like a father to a boy. Someone Brody can rely on as a sort of idea that life isn’t so bad, you know, there are few pockets of support. And he essentially wants the world to be a better place for me, morally, and that’s what I’ve done. He is completely devastated towards the end of the story. His only arc, as you understand it, is who this guy really is after he’s stripped of all his toys, all of his support systems, his various networks.

Would you like to write more about the future?

Jock: Yeah, definitely. So I literally just finished this and before this, I traveled to the US for 3 weeks, did 3 shows, so I need to go home and take a few weeks off and spend some time with my family. There is a little. And then I regroup and figure out what to do next.chatted with [Black Label editors] DC’s Marquis and Chris are discussing a possible sequel. But I’m completely open to it. Many of my favorite creators are writers and artists, and I’ve always wanted to.

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Batman: One Dark Knight #3 Available from DC Comics.