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Controversy sparked over gender identity on PA education department website

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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — A large group of Republicans is calling for the resignation of the Pennsylvania secretary of education over the inclusion of gender identity information on the department’s website.

A group of 21 Republican legislators in the state legislature created a website that explains terms such as transgender, assigned gender, and binary gender, and includes links to pages of federal agencies on gender-based violence and equality. , labeled it “Student Indoctrination of Gender Theory”.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Education endorses a secular worldview on its website and has banned it in public schools since the 1960s,” said Rep. Barb Graeme, one of the Republican legislators. (R-Cumberland) said in a statement. “The secular worldview that the gender he has more than one is false in itself and cannot be proven. The source of this teaching and the resources provided should be removed from classrooms and websites immediately.” there is.”

Of particular concern in the letter signed by lawmakers is the concept of a gender-neutral day. This page serves as a way to teach students from grade 3 through her grade 12 about gender stereotypes.

The letter comes on the heels of national conservative media reports about the site, which one Pennsylvania Republican told Fox News last week equated to “grooming.” Fox’s story preceded coverage by news outlets such as Breitbart and was an outrage against the department that spread on social media.

Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphine) called it “reprehensible indoctrination madness” and linked the situation to House Bill 1332, or the bill “Empowering Parents with Curriculum Transparency.” rice field. The bill he passed through parliament in December 2021 was rejected by the government. Tom Wolf. The law required school districts to provide parents with easy access to information about their child’s curriculum online.

“It’s about bringing the brawl that started on Fox News into a kindergarten classroom near you,” State Representative Dan Frankel (D-Allegheny) said at the legislative hearing. By forcing school districts to post everything they do online, they allow right-wing MacArthur, and left-wing MacArthur for that matter, to waste valuable educational resources.”

The Department of Education claims the resource is an effort to ensure fairness and equity and protect children from bullying.

“Republicans don’t want to talk about topics that truly affect Pennsylvanians,” Beth Rementor, a spokesperson for Gov. Tom Wolfe’s administration, told Pen Live. Hate does not exist in Pennsylvania, and the Wolf administration will continue to support policies to keep children in the classroom and protect them from bullying.”

Republicans who signed the letter included Rep. Stephanie Borowitz (R-Clinton), Rep. Mike Armanini (R-Elk), Rep. Aaron Bernstein (R-Butler), Rep. Jim Cox (R-Birks), Russ Diamond (R-Lebanon), Rep. Jo Hamm (R-Lycoming), Rep. Mike Jones (R-York), Rep. Dawn Kiefer (R-York), Rep. Rob Kaufman (R-Franklin), House Rep. David Maloney (Republican Burks), Rep. Darryl Metcalfe (Rep. Butler), Rep. Kathy Rapp (Rep. Warren), Rep. Leslie Rossi (Rep. Westmoreland), Rep. Frank Ryan (Rep. Lebanon), Paul Schumer ( Republican-Franklin) • Brian Smith (Republican-Jefferson), Perry Stambaugh (Republican-Perry), David Zimmerman (Lancaster Republican).