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Commander nears license for sports betting on FedEx field

FedEx Field in Landover, home of Washington’s National Football League team since 1997. Photo credit: Bruce DePuyt.

John Domen

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder took a big step Wednesday toward obtaining a license to open a sportsbook at FedEx Field.

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Authority voted 6 to 1 to approve Snyder’s license. Licenses were also approved by the same margin for Frederick sports his bar, Long Shots, and Chesapeake Gaming, which operates his betting parlor off-track in Boonsboro.

“Several notable issues have been identified regarding the Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Washington Football Team and the Washington Redskins, and their owner, Mr. Snyder,” said the Maryland Lottery. and John Mooney, Managing Director, Regulatory Oversight, Gaming Control. agency.

He said Snyder was interviewed on June 8 about issues surrounding the team’s stewardship.

“During the meeting, issues concerning Mr. Snyder and General Washington were discussed,” Mooney said. “The staff cannot substantiate the allegations against Mr. Snyder.”

After a thorough background investigation, including Snyder’s financial background and business operations, Mr Mooney said, “Applicant has met the criteria of financial stability, integrity, and responsibility associated with applying for a license for a sports betting establishment. “There are.”

Just before the commission voted, Snyder thanked lottery officials for overseeing the application process and leadership in Prince George County, where FedEx Field is located.

Snyder said the stadium has been “dramatically upgraded.” “Come see all the changes we’ve made to the stadium this year. I think it’s going to be pretty impressive.”

He predicted a surge in attendance as “we finally have a quarterback.”

The three approved license applications are now sent to Maryland’s Sports Betting Application Review Board. This commission has the final say on sports betting licenses.

No agenda has been posted yet, but the panel is scheduled to meet next Wednesday and could address licensing.

To date, the Sports Betting Review Board has not rejected a license application approved by any lottery agency. , may open a sports betting lounge within the stadium.

Among NFL teams, the Arizona Cardinals are the only franchise with a similar setup. Maryland law also allows the Baltimore Ravens to open a sports betting lounge at their stadium, but they haven’t moved quickly to do so.

League rules permit lounges to be set up on or next to the stadium, but teams are not permitted to set up betting kiosks or betting windows within the stadium concourse. Hmm.

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