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CLEARSKY GLOBAL and ECOGY-GTL GMBH Bring Innovative Emission Reduction Technology to Global Fuel Market

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Calgary, Alberta, August 11, 2022 /PR Newswire/ – CalgarySingapore-based ClearSky Global, an affiliate of Rainmaker Global Market Access, has signed an agreement to commercialize ECOGY-GTL GmbH’s unique clean fuel technology for the global market.

This revolutionary technology produces pure, aromatic, particulate-free diesel and jet fuels that are cleaner, lighter and have higher energy content than conventionally refined fuels. The process is completely energy self-sufficient and runs without burning hydrocarbons or using external energy sources. The result is a high-quality, low-cost fuel that produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

Clear Sky CEO, Timothy Cosmic“ECOGY’s remarkable technology offers cost-effective and economically viable solutions for customers who value low-emission fuels. We believe it will be of particular interest to the aviation industry, which is challenged to find a way to2 Emissions to meet 2030 emissions targets. We have the solution they are looking for. Because the ECOGY™ process has no emissions and is more energy efficient than competing technologies, it can produce extremely pure and cost-competitive fuel products. I can do it. ”

Fuel production operations will begin Germany The system can be designed to produce 75,000 liters of fuel per day from a compact 3-module plant and over 1 million liters of fuel per day from large-scale operation . This will enable ClearSky to strategically develop its fuel production business and take full advantage of changing market conditions to better serve its customers.


GermanyBased on ECOGY GTL-GmbH and its Netherlands Subsidiaries focus on commercial development of innovative ECOGY™ technology for various industrial applications. manfred palatzgrafCEO of ECOGY-GTL GmbH. GermanyWe are pleased to partner exclusively with ClearSky to develop new natural gas and biomass to liquid fuel applications of our technology that will be commercialized for the North American market. We believe that ECOGY-System has the potential to win the market all over the world. ”

About Clearsky Global

By discovering and commercially developing economically viable energy solutions that are cost-competitive with conventional energy sources, ClearSky is committed to making a significant short-term impact on reducing emissions around the world. A focused modern energy company, providing superior solutions to customers who are challenged to meet their emissions. and energy consumption targets. Rainmaker CEO, Clark Grew“ECOGY is the first of several disruptive energy technologies committed to commercialization. think.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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