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Balloon Fest event open to public with crafts and more | Local

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Shoppers browse booths at the 2019 Old West Balloon Fest Craft Fair in downtown Mitchell. Hosted by the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce, the event was attended by 60 vendors of a wide variety of goods.

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Mitchell will be the site of the Old West Balloon Fest and final mass ascension of the National Hot Air Balloon Championship on Saturday, August 13th, followed by a craft fair, cornhole tournament and wiener dog race.

Carol Bernard, craft show organizer and Old West Balloon Fest Committee member, encourages the public to support the all-day event on Saturday.

After Saturday’s grand ascension of the Old West Balloon Fest from Mitchell Field and the final flight of the National Hot Air Balloon Championship just after sunrise, the public will be invited to the craft fair on Mitchells Center Street from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. can enjoy

About 75 vendors will display a variety of goods during the craft fair. About 40 vendors participated in last year’s trade show, Barnard said, nearly doubling attendance.

“I think people enjoy the Old West Balloon Fest and want to be a part of it,” she said. “People are very crafty and I think the Old West Balloon Fest has caught people’s attention.”

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The 2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament starts at 10am and the Winner Dog Race starts at 10am.

With Scotts Bluff County listed by the CDC as a high risk for the spread of COVID-19, Panhandle Public Health is asking all vendors to wear masks and customers to maintain a 6-foot distance while shopping. is required to be

Fred Marquez provides live entertainment during craft fairs as well as commentary during wiener dog races and cornhole tournaments.

The dogs show off their speed at 10am during the race at Kiwanis Park at the end of Center Street in Mitchell. The public can pre-register online, but Bernard recommends coming in person and registering at 9:30 am.

There is an admission fee of $5 per dog. Dogs he is divided into four divisions. Little Sizzler for puppies up to 1 year old. Oskar Meyer, 1 to 5 years old, 5 years old. 5-10 year old Bratwurst. Elderly people over 10 years old. Six dogs will compete in each heat, with qualifying and final rounds narrowing the field.

“The dogs need to be thoroughbred dachshunds, but they don’t have to be pedigree,” she said. We would like to keep it, and we have a lot of interest.”

Owners and dog handlers should note that only dachshunds are allowed in this area and must be kept on a lead when not racing.

“When you start, the owner or someone hugs the dog and says we’re ready, ready, go,” she said. They can’t throw them.

Handlers may not cross the start and finish lines during the event.

“It really brings a lot of people to Mitchell,” Bernard said.

K9 Kennels, Crispy Biscuit and The Happy Dackle are sponsoring dog prizes.

Bags take off at 10am when the cornhole tournament kicks off in front of Redz Bar & Grill on Center Street. Participants can warm up from 9am. A bag is provided.

Coordinator Mike Roberts said the tournament will be limited to 30 teams.

“We’re not here all day because it’s first-come, first-served and we’re limiting ourselves to 30 teams,” says Roberts. “Double elimination, race to 21”

The entry fee is $50 for teams of two and $25 for individuals. Teams can call Redz at 308-424-1211 or sign up online at or To register, search for Mitchell Old West Balloon Fest on the website.

Roberts said his goal is to finish the tournament in five hours.

“If you’ve ever played horseshoes or lawn bowling, this is right up there,” he said. “It’s a really fun competition.”

Redz opens at 7am and offers an extensive breakfast menu.

There is an additional fee of $1,000 in addition to the attendee.

The public can park by the cinema, behind City Hall, in an old grocery store parking lot, or along a side street.

Funds raised from the three events will be used to sustain the event at future Old West Balloon Fests.

“Once the balloon launches, I want everyone to come downtown and enjoy the vendors,” Bernard said. “There’s food and music and lots of relaxation.

Saturday concludes with night lights on the meadows of Goering’s Five Rocks Amphitheater from 6-9:30 pm. Lighting is done at sunset weather permitting. Event Pass required for Mass Ascension and Night Glow events.

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