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Are the Fantastic Four really a big draw for the MCU?

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Either way, the Fantastic Four will eventually join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Reed Richards has already made his debut in an alternate universe incarnation Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiversebut fans have yet to see what a fully modern F4 movie will look like. Perhaps we need to temper our excitement and anticipation with a little bit of reality.

Fans seem more concerned with the concept of the MCU becoming “complete”, including the Fantastic Four, than with the teams themselves, and the same goes for F4’s villains. They definitely have an interest in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides being irrelevant for decades in some media outlets, it begs the question why fans are so mad about the four hitting the floor on the big screen.

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The team has had some good results throughout the history of comics, notably Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original stories, but the Fantastic Four as a comic book property has been around for decades. Even before they became as popular as they are now, the Avengers easily surpassed them as Marvel’s premier supergroup. The X-Men hit their stride with writer Chris Claremont before putting both other Marvel teams to shame in terms of popularity and influence. Even Ran fantastic four Comic books have never been a hot topic among comic readers today.

As for the external media, the view is even darker. When Spider-Man and his X-Men hit cartoons in the 1990s, fantastic four Cartoons from this era were downright laughable affairs that only managed to convince kids that the team was crippled and outdated. Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Hero It did a lot better, but unfortunately didn’t have much traction.The above mentioned movies i.e. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer When Fant4stickhas put a huge black mark on the property of the general public who are likely to see them only as characters in many failed films.

Of course, the MCU has turned characters and teams like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy into relative and blockbuster hits, but F4 is a little different.The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never “repaired” previously poorly adapted properties, let alone badly received ones. Ant-Man Also Guardianon the other hand Fant4stickNotably, it’s considered one of the worst superhero movies ever made.

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Even fans only care about Fantastic Four villains

After all, much of the hype surrounding the Fantastic Four’s official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has something to do with their villains. One of the supervillains who has been in the making, joining the MCU could also lead to final consequences. secret wars adaptation. Similarly, Galactus is a giant door to the cosmic side of the MCU, and his looming threat could be the new Thanos equivalent. Their absence won’t piss off fans), and villains get far more attention to casual audiences than “That Rock Guy” or “The Man Who Can Stretch.”

Villains like Norman Osborn and Magneto are popular, but no one expects them to show up without Spider-Man and the X-Men. The Fantastic Four, on the other hand, are the least desirable narrative guests they have to bring in to introduce the more desirable Doom and Galactus. Marvel Studios can definitely change that by finally giving the team a great movie, but the question is whether audiences will take a chance. On top of that, viewers seem to be over her love affair with the MCU, becoming far more critical and apathetic towards the latest offering.This puts the MCU’s supposedly ‘huge’ draw fantastic four It’s definitely going to be a tougher fight than some fans think.