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Angel Fund's 16th Annual Stuff The Bus Hits $50,000 Goal | Education

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The Angel Fund’s 16th Annual Staff The Bath fundraiser ended on August 5th.

This year’s goal was to raise $50,000 to help 1,400 students. Angel Fund executive director Janet Riis said the final numbers are not yet available as some donations and matches are still taking place, but she confirmed the goal was met. She also said Valley Bank matched the $5,000 people donated to the initiative through their banks.

Before COVID-19, Stuff The Bus brought in supplies like pens, backpacks, crayons and notebooks and left them at various donation spots around Helena. At the end of the fundraiser, a bus came to collect all the donations, and one day the Angel Foundation volunteers sorted through all the donated items and the school collected what they thought they would need for the next school year. came.

Staff the Bath later switched to monetary donations, but the Angel Foundation kept its method. This is to give schools the freedom to meet their needs through subsidies.

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“It’s like if a high school needs a Texas Instruments calculator, no one is actually going to donate it, so they can use the grant money to buy it themselves,” Riis says. says.

Stuff the Bus is one of several different programs that the Angel Fund runs each year.

Another program involves school uniforms. Each school within Helena Public Schools has an Angel Coordinator. If a family qualifies for a free or reduced lunch, the Angel Fund will also provide financial assistance for clothing. $150 for elementary school students and $200 for middle and high school students.

Helena has four stores affiliated with angel funds. Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Old Navy. Students can go to these stores, pick out clothes with scholarships, and drop them off at the store cash register. An angel coordinator will drop by to pay the fee and your family will pick you up.

This program will start around October or November. This is because it’s time for the school to figure out which students are participating in her free and discounted lunch program.

In the “Running for Montana’s Future Program,” Angel Fund partners with School Resource Officers (SROs), who work with school counselors to provide new shoes to students in need. SRO drops them in student sizes. The Independent Record previously reported that more than 800 pairs of his shoes had been purchased for students as of November 2021 since the program began in 2010.

The Angel Foundation also offers post-secondary scholarships to Helena Public Schools graduates who wish to continue their education after high school. Scholarships are based on financial need, academic success, and commitment to ‘pay in advance’. Whether it’s a two-year college or a four-year college, it doesn’t matter if she’s eligible for a $1,000 to $2,000 scholarship.

A highlight of Angel Fund Riis’ upcoming events is the Copper Furrow Brewing Charity Night on September 27th from 4pm to 9pm.

December 5th is Angel Fund’s big fundraising night at Broadway Nights, with 50% of the proceeds going to the fund. There will also be an in-person auction that night. Riis estimates that last year was the event’s biggest ever, with about $8,000 to $9,000 he raised.

Donations to the Angel Fund are accepted throughout the year, not just during Stuff The Bus. To donate, visit or mail to: Angel Fund, PO Box 7436, Helena, MT 59604.