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An amazing piece of pop culture that was never actually released

The biggest shock in Hollywood in years. Warner Bros. has announced that the film it shot and spent heavily in post-production, Batgirl, will not be released.

Warner calls this a “strategic shift.” Whatever the reason, the efforts of hundreds of creatives now go unseen.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of entertainment lost in the ether.

A roundup of other movies, shows, games, and music that never saw the light of day.

Never released pop culture

Never released pop culture

1A Surprise Alien Sequel

In 2015, District 9’s Neil Blomkamp was brought in to try and revive the Alien franchise. He officially started working on the film and created a ton of concept his art for the film. This seemed to bypass the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection to show Ripley and Hicks worn in old battles. The movie wasn’t picked up in the end, but the concept art that came out of it was fantastic.

Never released pop culture

2Alejandro Jodorowsky’s long-running version of the surreal dunes

The Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary is worth watching because it shows how irrelevant Alejandro Jodorowsky’s take on the influential science fiction novel was. What was there was a half-baked (not his fault) David Lynch version and a much better recent film by Denis Villeneuve. But if we had gotten Jodorowsky’s vision, Pink Floyd would have been in charge of the music, his son in the lead role, and the film would have been about 14 hours long.

Never released pop culture

3Tarantino’s Vega brothers movie that would have continued the saga

The connective tissue in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction isn’t just Quentin Tarantino, but Vic Vega (Mr. Blonde who cuts off his ears) in Dogs and Vincent Vega, the dancing assassin in Fiction. It was the Vega Brothers. There was an idea to make a movie starring the two of them. According to Tarantino, “It would have been done in Amsterdam while Vincent was in Amsterdam. He was running a club for Marsellus Wallace… Vic showed up to visit him and it was their weekend I didn’t realize what had happened to them or what kind of trouble they had gotten into.

It sounds great because Tarantino wanted both John Travolta and Michael Madsen to reprise their roles, but age became a factor. When he was younger, he got to a point where he couldn’t really play himself.

Never released pop culture

FourShelved Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan duets album

It would have been a dream come true to have two of the world’s greatest singer-songwriters team up on an album. Dylan was making his Nashville Skyline in the same town as Cash, so they got together and he made 12 duets. Only Girl from the North Country was officially able to be heard, but bootlegger somehow found a way to release the rest of the songs. The duet was a nice remix of some of their songs.

Never released pop culture

FiveStar Wars third-person shooter starring Boba Fett

Before Boba Fett hit the small screen, the third-person shooter Star Wars: 1313 was being developed by LucasArts. This was the notorious bounty hunter coming-of-age game, the idea being an early adult in the story. Ultimately, 1313 and all other LucasArts projects closed in 2013 following their acquisition by Disney.

Never released pop culture

6The Jerry Lewis Clown Concentration Camp Movies We Never Saw

Perhaps the most controversial and famous unreleased film is The Day the Clown Cried. Directed and starred by Jerry Lewis, a clown imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp who lures Jewish children into the gas chambers. There is an unfinished copy of the film in the Library of Congress, but due to unresolved rights issues, we will not see the film. We hail it as a potential award winner, and others as a film that goes wrong in every conceivable way.

Never released pop culture

7A Beach Boys Classic That Was Recorded But Abandoned

We finally got our hands on a version of Smile, an abandoned Beach Boys record, thanks to Brian Wilson creating his own interpretation of the album. Combine this with the released Smile session and you get an idea of ​​what kind of album would have been made. , how wonderful it would have been.

Never released pop culture

8Epic Stephen King TV shows that never aired

Any self-respecting Stephen King fan knows about The Dark Tower, a seven-plus-book fantasy epic that follows the exploits of gunslinger Roland Deschain and his exploration of the Dark Tower. It made a lackluster film and ruined the source material, but it could have done more.

The original idea was a number of films on the big screen, but there have been small screen adaptations focusing on a young Roland and his Katetto. A pilot was made for Amazon, but was ultimately not adopted as it was deemed too expensive to produce a show. This was around the same time that Amazon funded a Lord of the Rings TV show based on a well-known IP.

Never released pop culture

9Star Wars: Episode VII-IX Conceived by George Lucas

Before co-creating the latest Star Wars trilogy with JJ Abrams, George Lucas planned Episodes VII-IX and planned to make the film himself. That was until he showed up with the Star Destroyer. From father to children to grandchildren, Anakin’s two grandchildren to be exact. We were going to meet them in their twenties and the conversation would flow from there. Ultimately, this evolved into a Finn and Rey story, for better or worse.

Never released pop culture

TenDavid Bowie’s infamous but ultimately rejigged R&B album

The Gouster was a 1974 David Bowie album that was set to amplify the R&B sound of the Diamond Dogs. Bowie first toured the United States, picking up sounds along the way, and then collecting the best soul musicians. Ultimately, however, the album’s premise was diluted by including a version of (Glorious) Fame and The Beatles’ Across the Universe with John Lennon. Released under Young Americans.

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