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A touching late revival earns Kinnity a well-deserved draw with the champions

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Kinnity nearly caused a season upset when he drew with the St. Reinas in the senior hurling championship at Coolderry on Sunday afternoon.

Molloy Environmental Systems Senior Hurling Championship Group 1

Kinity 4-15

St. Linaz 2-21

Showing tremendous courage, heart and determination, especially in the second half, Kinnity was not far from a sensational win. And it wouldn’t have taken long for Kinnitty to win.

The result is still big for Kinnitty, who will now face Birr in the final round. With five points, St Rynagh’s safely advances to the quarter-finals, whose winner and he Kilcormac-Kilroughey advance to the semi-finals as group winners.

This is Kinnity’s biggest senior championship result in years and will give them a lot of confidence and heart. After being too loose in the first half, they tightened up in the second half and started to see potential upsets.

Kinnity matched St Raina for most of the first half, taking a 1–1 to 0–3 lead with a goal from Shane Kinsella in the 4th minute. Kinsella, who missed an early chance, added a point from the play and Kinnity took a 1-3 to 0-4 lead after eight minutes.

Then St Rynagh’s started to find form. Their forward benefited from some very loose markings, but still exceeded some quality points, with Gary Kelly, Aaron Kenny and Stephen Kirk in his three-game streak. , he led 0-7 to 1-3 after 12 minutes.

Kinnity regained control with a point from Jason Armstrong and a very soft 17th-minute goal. Connor failed to clear Clancy and the ensuing scramble saw the ball fall into the net. This could have been an own goal. neighborhood.

Kinnity took the lead 2-4 to 7-0, but Raina was back in form by the 20th minute. Aodan Keeley pushed Kinnity forward, but St Raina came back in the 22nd minute with a goal from Aaron Kenny. Kenny caused intense problems for Kinnity in the first half, scoring 1-5 off the play, and the underdog responded by turning off Willie Molloy and moving Paddy Rigney to bring Conor Hardiman back on defense. As Kinnity dug in, he ended up doing a lot of good work off the field in the second half.

St Rynagh’s started to move, with more threats looming heading into half-time, with an interval lead of 1-15 to 2-8 suggesting the match would go as expected.

However, Kinnity read from another script. Their first half performance wasn’t bad, setting important markers, but they started to do much better on the basics of tackles, closes and work rate. Both teams were trying to clear the line in the 33rd minute after missing chances before St. Lyna, who conceded a crazy penalty with Conor Harnon cutting Shane Kinsella. James Dempsey smashed the penalty into the net. Rynagh scored his next two points to put him ahead by three, but the defense became even weaker, so Dempsey scored in the 39th minute, when he scored from 4-8 to 1-17. I decided.

Without really putting a foot on the floor, Lina’s stable and Kenny’s free put them back in the lead. Kinnity missed a big chance when goalkeeper Niall Corrigan fumbled the ball and Niall Wynn was penalized for fouling when he hit the ball into the net. Inside the final quarter, it looked like Kinnitty could be short.

In the 45th minute, St. Lyna took a 2-19 to 4-9 lead, but points from Dempsey and Odoran Keely brought Kinnity back within two. They made it back in points with five minutes remaining. Dermot Short he scored a great point in the 58th minute and put Raina’s back in front, but Kinnity was relentless in all that he did. Danny Flanagan scored an impressive point in the final 15 minutes and James Dempsey equalized two minutes from the free after Tommy Leahy was fouled by Gary Connelly.

They would be disappointed they didn’t win, but Kinnity would be delighted with the draw. Their defense has never been comfortable, and ironically, the two players exposed, Aaron Kenny’s Willie Molloy and Stephen Wynn’s Paddy Delaney, have done a lot of Trogan’s work as well as James Hardiman. did Danny Flanagan was excellent, but James Dempsey performed very well in attack and Odran Keely was replaced near the end when he tired after regaining his vitality in the second half. Kinnitty would also like to thank Conor Meaney. Meaney, a half-time sub and returning shortly after a Crusader injury, helped Kinnity deliver results. He began taking on St. His Rainers, enjoying physical stakes and his running inspired those around him.

St Rynagh’s win overanalyzes this game or performance. They were completely uncoordinated.They were a little less boiled but you wouldn’t want to read that too much.They are in the knockout stage and are the title favourites.At the same time they aim to be champions It is a result that gives hope to everyone aiming for the fourth consecutive victory, and it is also a highlight.

Ben Conneely, Paul Quirke, Stephen Quirke and Aaron Kenny have long made their mark in the game while Joey O’Connor and Niall Wynne have very good spells.

match analysis

man of the match

Danny Flanagan (Kinity): Aaron Kenny was the best player on the field in the first half, but Stephen and Paul Kirk excelled in St. Raina. Choice is Danny Flanagan. He defended very competently for Kinnity and really rose to the challenge in the second half. Helped me free.


Kinnity: James Dempsey 2-4 (1 goal and 3f from penalty), Shane Kinsella 1-1, Odran Keely 0-3, James Hardiman 0-2 (2f), Danny Flanagan, Conor Hardiman, Jason Armstrong, Odan. Keely and Christopher Leonard 0-1 each.

St Rynagh’s: Aaron Kenny 1-8 (3f), Stephen Quark 1-3, Paul Quark 0-4, Gary Kelly 0-3, Ben Conneely, Dermot Short, Nile Wynn 0-1 each.


ST RYNAGH’S: Connor Clancy. Conor Harnon, Pat Cumon, Simon Og Lyons. Matthew Maloney, Ben Connelly, Dermot Short. Paul Quark, Joey O’Connor. Brian Rigney, Stephen Kirk, Gary Connelly. Aaron Kenny, Gary Kelly, Nile Wynn. Submarines – Ciaran Daly (50m) instead of Rigney, Ronan Hughes (53m) instead of Kelly.

Kinnity: Nile Corrigan. Willie Molloy, Paddy Rigney, Brian Coughlan. James Hardiman, Paddy Delaney, Danny Flanagan. Conor Hardiman, Brian Donnelly. Shane Kinsella, Odan Keeley, Jason Armstrong. Odoran Keely, James Dempsey, Tommy Leahy. Submarines – Conor Meaney instead of Leonard (HT), Brian Donnelly instead of Armstrong (53 m), Corum instead of Odoran Keely (57 m) his Cofflan.

Referee – Richie Fitzsimmons (bar).

referee watch

Richie Fitzsimons played a consistent good game, but there were several occasions when Kinnity could have been given a free in the second half. He was blind in his 50th minute to Danny He Flanagan because he committed one particular foul and overall these results were balanced.

the moment of the match

Danny Flanagan’s 61st-minute point was decisive. That reduced the gap to one, meaning one point would be enough for Kinnity to draw it.

venue watch

Coolderry is on the southernmost tip of Offaly, so they don’t have many games, but they have excellent facilities and they obviously take a lot of pride. There have been many stewards here, most of them returning after losing to the Shamrocks in the quarterfinals. They treated the crowd very professionally and the pitch was in excellent condition.

talking point

Hand pass rules have become a big issue in hurling. Many players are getting away with illegal hand passes. It was less obvious here, but that didn’t stop both sides from demanding a free every time the ball was passed in the hand. It all puts more pressure on referees.

what’s next

In St Rynagh’s play Kilcormac-Kilroughey, Kinnitty meets Birr.


Wide: Kinity – 4 (1 in the first half). St Rynagh’s – 11 (3 in the first half).

Yellow cards: Kinnity – 1 (Odran Keely); St Rynagh’s – 1 (Conor Harnon).

Black card: 0.

Red card: 0.