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A strong packer running behind AJ Dillon also makes a strong receiver

Green Bay, Wisconsin – AJ Dillon weighs 250 pounds and has a redwood-sized quad. run back.

Last season he led the Green Bay Packers in rushing yards with 803. Dillon has emerged as one of the NFL’s most reliable and effective pass-catching backs, as he’s more than just a buttering he’s a ram. While their styles are vastly different, the dual-threat abilities of Dillon and his co-pilot Aaron Jones will be a key part of how the Packers adjust to life without Davante Adams.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said a few days ago, “Let’s take a look at the Door County mayor,” he was the big back we expected him to power really well when he got here. Of all the people we’ve met in the last three years, he has to be on the very short list of those who have improved so dramatically.