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A couple who met through a cat painting and got married three years later

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Three years after meeting online, the British-American couple has finally tied the knot. Long distance relationships are nothing new, but the way the two of them bonded through cat portraits is both adorable and unexpected.

Based in Oregon, Grant Schroeder We reached out to popular Twitter accounts clumsy cat In 2019, he commissioned a painting of his kitten Luna. The artist behind the account, Heloísa Nora, is known for his style of minimal rendering of cats, and based on his photographs he created Schroeder’s cat illustrations. After she posted on her own account, Emma Ferguson From Liverpool, UK, I noticed an image. Ferguson has a cat named Luna and decided to follow Schroeder on social media.

“I saw a picture on his account of him holding Luna. Cute boy with a cat — of course you have to follow!” Ferguson says. “So I sent her a message on Twitter and said, ‘Hey, your cat is cute,'” Schroeder recalled. increase. “After that, we started talking about our cats and getting to know each other. Eventually, we started FaceTiming every day and slowly fell in love with each other.”

Schroeder lives in the US and Ferguson is based in the UK, and their relationship developed primarily through the Internet. Then, in January 2020, they finally met in real life when Schroeder spent a few weeks in Liverpool.

Of course, after our first reunion, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and restricted travel around the world. As a result, they were unable to visit each other again until a year later in August 2021. A few months passed and the pair got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

“It’s amazing what the internet can do these days,” said Heloísa Nora, a poorly drawn cat artist. “I never imagined that a picture of a cat could turn into a beautiful story,” she said.

Schroeder and Ferguson got married on 24th July 2022 and currently live in the UK with two cats and plan to adopt a third. “I just thought I would see his cat post on my timeline,” Ferguson said. “I got so much more than that, and I’m so glad I did.”

American Grant Schroeder commissioned a portrait of his cat Luna from a famous Twitter account called Poorly Painted Cats.

Emma Ferguson, a woman from the UK, followed him on social media after seeing Schroeder’s cat portrait.

She also has a cat named Luna and gave him a hand.

The pair began messaging and FaceTiming, eventually starting a long-distance relationship.

Three years later, Schroeder and Ferguson got married and now live in England with two cats.

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All images by Poorly Drawn Cats, Grant Schroeder and Emma Ferguson.

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