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You can't choose the right technology when idle

From seeds to supermarkets, Walter P. Rawl and Sons Inc. (WP Rawl) knows one or two things about shipping produce.

The multi-generational family-owned farm has grown tremendously over 97 years of operation, building a vertically integrated production and distribution network to ensure the freshness of the entire product.

WP Rawl grows, processes, and distributes vegetables from farms in South Carolina to customers in the eastern United States using a dedicated refrigerated fleet of 75 company-owned trucks.

At the forefront of WP Rawl for many years is its commitment to continuous improvement. Known for its “family-owned” values, the company also has a big idea about supply chain optimization.

WP Rawl promises to deliver freshly picked vegetables in hours instead of days, and finds that the integrity of next-day deliveries is compromised when idle in the face of rising demand. I did. So when the company realized they were losing time and money in an error-prone manual process, they sought a solution and acted swiftly.

WP Rawl has begun a survey of technology companies looking for a provider that can meet their specific needs. For starters, the fleet lost valuable time and money to manually record daily routes. However, management was also trying to move more loads, increase profits, and reduce communication and tracking errors.

In addition to maintaining compliance with ELD and service time obligations, fleet optimization was another top priority. Administrators only consider solutions that provide minute visibility to help manage truck and driver performance.

It was then that WP Rawl discovered the Power Fleet.

It didn’t take long for PowerFleet to listen to WP Rawl’s needs and find the best course of action. A major transportation technology provider has equipped the company with ELD. This quickly improved the monitoring capabilities of the logistics team and increased the productivity of both offices and fleets.

“This solution not only helps reduce costs and improve productivity and safety,” said Tony Hoffman, driver advocate and WP Rawl manager. “The data and reports we receive provide our team with more knowledge than ever before.”

Since taking advantage of PowerFleet’s simplified data entry capabilities, drivers have been able to communicate more effectively, Hoffman said, and the report has been totally simplified. As a result, drivers’ reliance on mobile phones has dropped significantly.

“The service time report allows us to strategically allocate more load, increase driving time and receive delivery information in real time,” Hoffman said, and these benefits are now available to the team. He added that it is also being brought to customers. You can provide minute reports on driver location and load status.

As a producer and shipper of large-scale produce, what impressed WP Rawl was the agricultural duty-free function provided. PowerFleet’s ELDAg Exempt feature not only provides drivers with improved reporting metrics and status updates, but also has the ability to track all ag-exempt loads based on the guidelines required by the Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration. Provide to the administrator.

Overall, WP Rawl enjoyed valuable benefits when choosing PowerFleet as its technology partner. Not only was it easy to integrate, but the impact of PowerFleet was immediate, improving efficiency, supply chain visibility, and communication effectiveness.

From simplifying reports and reducing data entry to improving real-time tracking and productivity, WP Rawl’s limits are empty and customers are paying attention.

For more information on how PowerFleet optimized the operation of WP Rawl, click to read the entire case study.

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