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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 brought us the worst in modern spoiler culture

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I searched for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on YouTube before launch yesterday. The top two videos are the final cutscene and the final boss fight, and the third recommended clip contains the entire ending. To make matters worse, the thumbnails ruined the game’s key moments and were shown to anyone looking for reviews, trailers, or literally anything else about the game prior to release. was.

I can say that it was entirely my fault. As for Xenoblade 3, it should have gone completely dark online, but it didn’t have to. In the face of leakers uploading entire endings and boss fights for clout, I don’t have to curate my entire existence on the internet. Get a copy faster than anyone else.

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It’s a big game, and arguably the biggest JRPG of the year for many, so it’s no surprise that speculation and debate about its characters and story will thrive. Those who don’t intend to play the game may be interested in searching for clips of his gameplay or specific revelations upon release. But YouTube’s algorithm and content he creator is too eager to make a splash, ruining the final moments before the game even hits consoles. You don’t have to.

But the more I put up with my irritation, the more I realized that it was now impossible to rationally stop such things. Especially for someone like me who works in the field and frequently searches various websites for game assets, trailers, and other information. I warned my followers on Twitter about the video I mentioned earlier. I realized they didn’t care how blatant they were and who ran into them and ruined the experience of the game. You don’t have to put up with it.

I had Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a month before it launched, and I was lucky enough to get through the game before potential spoilers spoiled me. Yet even now, I’m still questing across the colony, learning more about my ensemble of characters, and deriving value from the little happenings that rushed me past the embargo. I’m not one of those who don’t like uploading online. You’ll be eaten up by the algorithm because it doesn’t know what else to prioritize.

The culture of spoilers and the debate around what justifies reaction is ever-evolving. You have a right to be angry. Whatever you’re screwing up, wait until the other person has time to play/watch/read, or at least make sure you’re both on the same page before the conversation starts Otherwise, shut your mouth and stop chasing internet brownie points by spoiling and ruining other people’s fun.

When you’re not playing the big game of the moment at launch, it often feels like you’re missing out…but Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a game that takes over 60 hours to complete, and everyone has their own. Pace it forward. The average consumer isn’t a raunchy game journalist or die-hard fanboy like me, so there’s no reason to rush unnecessary verification. They can take their time and enjoy the game’s emotional crescendo the way it was intended.

Many scenes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 blew me away, eliciting beaming smiles of happiness and unexpected tears of sadness until the stunning ending. Just released. Please be careful there. Sorry if I’ve already ruined your enjoyment.

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