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WWE SummerSlam: NFL Teammates Baron Corbin and Pat McAfee Face Off

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In the summer of 2009, Pat McAfee and Tom Pestock were competing for a spot on the Indianapolis Colts roster.

Thirteen years later, the two will be squared in a grudge match Summer slam..

“There was no sign of that at the time,” says Corbin, best known as Baron Corbin at WWE. “Pat continued to succeed in everything he did. This is an ancient battle between good and evil. Pat tries to find success in Nashville. Summer slam, And I will do everything I can to stop him. “

In a series of situations at the time, Colts coach Jim Coldwell couldn’t have imagined. McAfee and Corbyn have evolved from teammates in WWE to rivals in the ring. Although we didn’t spend a lot of time together in Colts, McAfee was selected in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft and was a successful franchise. Meanwhile, Corbyn graduated from Division II school and is a Colts practitioner and an Arizona Cardinals practitioner. They remained intimate after the end of their career.