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Workforce challenges require community buy-in for education, housing

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Connecting people to good, well-paying jobs is no small feat. We believe this is a challenge our community is definitely grappling with, but it will require even more help and contributions from individuals and businesses in Southwest Florida.

The risks have never been greater, and the benefits have never been clearer, when it comes to helping residents access the education, skills, and economic opportunities they need to excel. increase. The pandemic has disrupted the job market, creating new career possibilities for those with proper training. At the same time, larger demographic trends, such as migration to Florida’s coastal cities and aging baby boomers, lead to significant new prospects for young people to enter the workforce. while the challenge remains the same. How can we help the young people who are most at risk of falling into the cycle of poverty? can it be increased to

Sarah Owen, President and CEO, Southwest Florida Community Foundation

Two of our organizations, Collaborator (FKA Southwest Florida Community Foundation) and Bank of America, offer a strong roadmap. It was written when community groups and businesses joined forces for progress. The Collaborator’s goal is to bring all of Southwest Florida together within an 18-year time limit to work together and coordinate to solve all social problems in the region. The FutureMakers Coalition, of which the Collaborator is the backbone organization, will close the skills gap by increasing the proportion of local working-age adults who hold professional credentials, such as industry certifications and workforce certifications. A collaborative network working to lift families out of poverty. Since its inception in 2013, the Coalition has helped 37,000 residents qualify for it. Bank of America is a key supporter of this project and has facilitated many facets of workforce development in communities in Southwest Florida and throughout the country. The company connects people to jobs and advocates for youth employment, alternative education and new training initiatives.