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Winter squash growing in Alaska | Horticulture

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Some extraordinary gardeners like Virgil Severns and Terry Reichardt have been growing winter squash in Alaska for years, but for us ordinary gardeners it is becoming a much more reliable and viable crop. I have.

If you’re gardening for food security, pumpkins are a great option because they can be stored unfrozen or stored (by the way, according to the National Home Food Preservation Center, pumpkins and pumpkins at home. It cannot be preserved, but winter pumpkins can be made into cubes). When stored as-is, it’s time for autumn madness when cooking and eating all the fresh ingredients from the garden, preserving inedibles, choosing berries and fish, and hunting. Can be saved. Winter squash, in contrast to green, not only actually provides some calories, but is also archaic, friendly, gluten-free, delicious and nutritious. If you don’t have the space to grow pumpkins, you can find locally available winter squash here (

Heidi Radar is an Associate Professor of Extensions at the Tanana Chiefs Conference.