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Wine education program opens the door to vineyard workers

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Wine production is a daunting task.

Every step from planting and harvesting grapes to barreling and aging fruits to bottling wine requires specialized skills and knowledge. However, many who do it see only one step at a time and rarely enjoy the fruits of their work.

The program partnership between Linfield University’s Chemeketa Community College and a group of Latin wine experts aims to change that.

AHIVOY, which means “here I go” in Spanish and stands for Asociación Hispana de la Industria del Vino en Oregon y Comunidad, provides vineyard workers with 17 weeks of professional training and all wine education. increase.

“We need to support our community, which includes everyone in that community, especially those who do all the work,” said Chemeketa’s new AHIVOY board member, instructor. Bryan Berenguer, chair of the Vineyard Management Program, said.

Jose Garcia, manager of Eyrie Vineyard, examines wine grapes.

This program invites “vineyard managers”. This is the way AHIVOY likes to recognize people working in the vineyards. I spend 17 weeks, one day a week, in the classroom and in the field. They learn everything from vineyard management to winemaking, grape science and wine tasting. Finally, they graduate with a certificate from AHIVOY and the option to claim two Continuing Education credits.