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Wine & Culture Fest dedicated to consumer education, brand awareness and cultural experience through a black lens

Atlanta’s annual Wine & Culture Fest, dedicated to consumer education, brand awareness, industry advancements and cultural experiences through the Black Lens, will take place August 11-14 in the city’s It will be held in various locations. On Thursday 11th August, the fest kicks off with ‘Exploring South African Wines’. This is a cultural experience that amplifies South Africa’s food and wine culture. This experience is an exploratory moment within the Wine & Culture Fest and guests will feel like they are coming home. WOSA is a partner.

South African black wine brands will be featured in the program, including Unfiltrd Can Wine. Presented by Vine Pair, his Friday, August 12 event will feature “The Cookout, an atmosphere of cultural connection.” He Tahiirah Habibi, founder and creator of The Wine & Culture Fest, said: wine ecosystem. Cookout is a melanin love affair that brings awareness and financial empowerment to those who truly make a difference. Wine is complex and should not be contained. ”

Music is such an important part of the event that it was only natural that DJ Lord of Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winning group Public Enemy would set the mood. The program for Saturday, August 13th is RICE or “Rising in Communities Every Day”. Habibi said: Beyond the table, some civilizations were built and sustained solely by harvesting grain. Theory claims that rice farming fosters a more cooperative and interconnected culture. Paying tribute to the world’s deeply ingrained rice heritage, RICE is our weekend celebration of the wine industry and fellow aficionados celebrating the uniqueness of our community through culinary arts and experiences. Also, enjoy his one of his signature activations that brings any sparkling wine lover’s fantasy to life. Our ‘Bubble Room’ reimagines the traditional tasting as a fully immersive experience. Prepare your senses for unforgettable installations featuring sparkling wines from around the world. “

James Beard Award nominated Chef Deborah VanTrece of Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, whose recipe has been featured in James Beard House and American Cuisine Cook Book, will be demonstrating at the RICE event. The Wine & Culture Fest concludes her Sunday, August 14th with the annual Roses and Rosé Awards brunch and The Rosé Lounge hosted by iHeartRadio’s DJ Louis Vee. The brunch pays homage to the notable achievements of Black, Brown and Indigenous professionals and contributors who have shaped the wine industry. Valuable trailblazers, newcomers and innovators are celebrated and highlighted, while furthering the Wine & Culture Fest’s mission to increase economic inclusion and representation.

This groundbreaking awards experience is the first of its kind and sets new standards. The Sweet Suite meets art and decadence in a beautifully curated experience featuring an assortment of delicious desserts paired with a range of dessert wines. The Rosé Lounge is the highly anticipated finale to the Wine & Culture Fest. Sponsored by the McBride Sisters, the Rosé Lounge is a celebration to end a phenomenal weekend. Trienne and her DWade Cellas wines will also be featured in her Rosé Lounge.

Wine & Culture Fest partners and sponsors include Vine Pair Magazine, Essence Magazine, Lapin Rouille Champagne, McBride Sisters, SommCon, Simple Labs, Silver Oak, Nivole Moscato, Trienne, Dujac, Wines of South Africa, The Sorting Table, Cuisine Noir included. , Pur Noire, Imbibe, WSET, Du Nord Social Spirits. Learn more about the Wine & Culture Fest and purchase tickets at

About Wine & Culture Fest

Organized by The Hue Society, the Wine & Culture Fest is the most comprehensive wine festival dedicated to consumer education, brand awareness, industry development and cultural experience through a black lens. We host interactive sessions with industry experts, tastings of fan favorites and rare selections, and the first ever social event that brings the entire industry together. Wine & Culture Fest advocates for economic inclusion and awareness by providing communities with safe spaces to learn and share their experiences. ###

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