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"We are going to change this culture of defense around this nasty place."

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“We have to take responsibility. It’s not someone else doing it, it’s us,” Pease said.

Falcons’ restructuring prospects aren’t great. USA Today predicted that they would only win his two games, and Las Vegas underperformed in his 4.5 games into his 2022 season.

“Okay, I’m tired of everyone saying how bad we are,” Pease said. “After a while, you start to believe it.

Pease was the defensive coordinator for the Patriots, Ravens, and Titans. He retired to coach the Falcons. He’s determined to change the culture.

“People on defense around here sometimes think the 15th is fine,” Pease said. “I’ve done one Top 10 in the last 20 years (expletive). Okay, excuse me, I’m fired up, but I’m sick of this crap.

Pease refers to Marcando Manuel’s 2017 defense, which ranked ninth in the league in total yards allowed.

In terms of points earned, the Falcons have four Top 10 defenses in the last 20 seasons. In 2017 she was 8th, in 2012 she was 5th, in 2010 he was 5th and in 2002 he was 8th.

“We weren’t aggressive enough last year,” Pease said. “We need to be aggressive in the press. We have a great corner here[AJ Terrell]who can be aggressive, but everyone has to be.”

To illustrate how aggressive he wants the Falcons to be, Deeds reflected on his days in New England. He recalled a game against the Bengals that featured quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receivers Chad Johnson and TJ Hauschmannzadeh.

“I said to[New England safety]Rodney Harrison in the secondary, ‘I want you to do all these things,'” Pease recalls. Holding he takes a penalty. This is him 5 yards and a first down. Big deal. ”

The Patriots’ aggressiveness paid off.

“We were very aggressive, played them through and beat the crap out,” Pease said. “That’s what we’re trying to do here, especially at camp.”

This could prove to be a difficult climb for the Falcons defense in 2022.

In addition to Terrell, the Falcons have defensive tackle Grady Jarrett up front. The linebacker squad has been revamped, and former Pro Bowler Dion Jones is on the physically unexecutable list.

“You see, we can’t control what people say about us,” Pease said. “All you have to do is believe in yourself.”

The Falcons added veterans like outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter, linebacker Rashahn Evans and cornerback Casey Hayward to help rebuild. They hope to get their nickels back. Isaiah Oliver has just returned from knee surgery.

“You need the right players to do that,” said Pease, who had Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed at Baltimore. “You have to take those who don’t take it. I won’t tolerate this. I won’t take it. We need to find those players.”

That’s why Pease didn’t budge when the Falcons got into a few brawls at practice Saturday.

“Sometimes you’ll get into some brawls,” Pease said. It’s soccer, it’s a tough sport, so you want someone who’s going to compete.

Peas is determined to have its best defense.

“We’re going to change this culture of defense around this nasty place,” Pease argued. It’s the same around here.”

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